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5 bands that defined the 2000s pop rock culture

by Grazia

Black nail paint, leather and head banging — the music scene of the 2000s is certainly the most memorable. While there are many bands that made the decade’s music unforgettable, we have listed down our top 5 that defined its pop rock culture.

Linkin Park
If we do a list on the top 10 pop rock songs of the decade, at least half of those would be by Linkin Park and that’s exactly the sort of impact the band had on the 2000s’ music scene.
Having sold more than 100 million records worldwide, the band has a long list of hit singles to its credit including its massive success ‘In the End’ from the band’s debut album. The band has also been globally acknowledged and voted as one of the greatest bands of millennium.
Other songs like Numb, Breaking the Habit, Crawling and One Step Closer resonate with many even today and whether you’re a millennial or an XYZ, Linkin Park is definitely one band the links every generation.

Avril Lavigne
Although not exactly a band, but a list about the 2000s pop rock culture would be incomplete if doesn’t include the Pop Punk Queen, Avril Lavigne.
Right off her debut single, Complicated from the album Let Go, she became an overnight sensation and a major hit among her fanbase which then followed not only her music but also her style. Complicated went on to break multiple records at that time and was also nominated for two Grammys.
Avril followed up on her early success with another globally successful album Under My Skin which sold more than 10 million copies worldwide and included tracks like Nobody’s Home and My Happy Ending, both of which remain some of the hottest tracks from the decade till date.

Led by its vocalist Amy Lee, Evanescence hit international fame with its single ‘Bring Me to Life’ from the band’s first full length album, which ended up within the top rankings in more than countries.
The album also featured another massive hit, ‘My Immortal’. Both these songs although different from each other shot the band to mainstream fame and also helped them bag two Grammys. Their alt rock music and music videos can also be credited as a major reason for the decade’s emo culture that saw many of us sporting dark mascaras and black nail paints.

Green Day
A punk band that successfully started out in the mid-90s, Green Day hit gold with its 2004 album American Idiot which found home in a massive fan base that reverberated to its young and rebellious tones.

The album that also served as a career comeback for Green Day, featured iconic songs like American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Wake Me Up When September Ends, all of which were well received critically and also became huge hits all over the world. The album American Idiot also won the Grammy for Best Rock Album and has sold more than 16 million copies till date.

My Chemical Romance
Popular for their emo-punk songs, theatrical vocals and gothic appearance, My Chemical Romance attained worldwide fame with songs like Helena, “I’m Not Okay (I Promise),” and “The Ghost of You from its album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge which was certified platinum in less than a year after its release, selling over three million copies in the US.
However, the band’s greatest success came with their album The Black Parade which featured huge hits such as Welcome to the Black Parade”, “Famous Last Words”, “I Don’t Love You”, and “Teenagers. The album also earned the band a Grammy nomination

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