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Hot summer beauty trends of 2020

by Aiiesha Khalid

This year the sun is blazing, and the rays are shinning like never before. Whilst we bask in the glow of the sun and take a gazillion selfies during golden hour. We have listed the top 5 hottest summer trends for you to hop on.

Soft feathered brows
Ever since Cara Delevingne hit the runways, bold brows haven’t left the ‘it’ scene, however this year the brow goddesses seem to be taking a step back and embracing a more natural and feathery look. Soo throw out those tweezers, pick up some gel, glue those babies in an upward motion and embrace your sister brows.

Abstract nails
Who needs to visit museums when you can bring abstract art straight to your fingertips? Abstract nails are a super hit this year, with models, influencers and celebrities hoping on the trend, this one is here to stay. This minimal nail art is the perfect go to for all my simplistic and flamboyant peeps out there. Word has it, Picasso would approve.

Sun kissed dew
If you have not heard of the ‘no makeup makeup look’ chances are, you live under a rock. Even though this trend has been around for a while, little tweaks are made to it every passing year. This year, makeup artists summer favorite is a sun kissed dew with heavy usage of all crème products. In laymen terms, glow like a goddess so that the women from Mars can see you.

Bold blush
You think summer, you think blush! With summer transitioning to spring, our bronzers are transitions to a flush of coral. Focus the blush on your cheeks and in the middle of your nose to give yourself a sun kissed look. Who needs an IG filter when you look like a fresh walking queen!

One wash of color (coloured lids)
Rainbow lovers, this one’s for you. For years our makeup routines had been confined to neutrals, well not anymore and for that we have 2020 to thank. The one good thing that came along with this year, was its splash of colour. This trend has taken over every diva eye lids. A single wash of coloured shadow is the way to amp up any look and a favorite channeled by many beauty icons.

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