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From the corporate world to chasing his free spirit – Nameer Khan says it all!

by Grazia

 Alongside his good looks, Nameer Khan is a very talented actor who is here to stay.

Grazia Pakistan had the chance to sit with Nameer Khan and get to know him better. He shared with us how the switch from his corporate job came and how he dived into the modeling and acting industry.

Interviewed by: Nashmia Amir Butt

Grazia Pakistan: Was acting always part of the plan? You started your career in modeling and hosting grand events – what made you take up acting?

Nameer Khan: No, acting wasn’t always part of the plan. While working as a software engineer in Canada, I believed I was living a life with no purpose or goal, which led me to do things life offered me. However, when I found the purpose of my life, pursuing show business became part of the plan. Hence, I started my journey in it in May 2021 with zero contacts and preparation while working remotely as a software engineer. I believe there was a significant phase of self-realization and actualization when I started living away from my family and friends in Canada for education and managing life on my own for the first time. This included handling finances, daily chores, and earning a living. Being on my own allowed me to spend a lot of time with myself, during which I would often ask myself questions. I felt alone, and lonely, and questioned my life decisions. The second phase came when I was in 2nd year of my corporate job. It used to suffocate me and I used to seek freedom. Consequently, it made me realize my true calling and that I am a free-spirited person.

Grazia Pakistan: How do you end up choosing a script? What attracts you to say yes to a script?

Nameer Khan: I am in a phase where I am focused on seizing as many opportunities as possible to grow my career. It’s common in any field, especially when you’re still in the process of establishing yourself, to be open to various opportunities that come your way. Each experience contributes to your growth and helps shape your path forward. So, embracing these opportunities can indeed be a valuable part of your journey toward building a successful career.

However, I would love to explore genres like Romance, Romantic Comedy, Thriller, and Tragedy. Moreover, I am happy with the current opportunities, as I mentioned above I want to work as much as I can because that’s the only way I’ll improve.

Grazia Pakistan: How has your experience been in the industry thus far? 

Nameer Khan: It has been a roller coaster journey, but I am enjoying it to the fullest. Yes, favoritism does exist, but that’s true for any industry. When I was working in the corporate sector, I saw favoritism there as well. Yes, I have faced many difficulties. It’s not easy for an outsider to get into this industry, but God has been kind.

Grazia Pakistan: What is your fitness routine like?

Nameer Khan: My fitness rule is simple: I push myself hard for three months of the year and then maintain my weight for the rest of the year. I prefer training on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Grazia Pakistan: What is 2024-2025 like for you? What projects are you working on? How does the future look?

Nameer Khan: The future is a bit unpredictable! I’m currently working on two TV projects as the main lead, so let’s see what response I will get from the audience. However, I will be focusing more on acting compared to fashion modeling. My mantra is to keep my head down, work on my craft, plan things, and approach this journey wisely.

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