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Taira Adil International British Pakistani Designer, Taira Adil opens upto Grazia’s International Beauty Editor / Creative Director,Kaniz Ali talking about fashion, life and passion

by Grazia

Grazia: What inspired you to head into the world of fashion ?

Taira: Growing up in central London and later moving to Dubai, I have always captivated by a diverse mix of fashion. From the edgy rawness or Europe to the glitz and glamour of the Middle East.There is a significant age gap between myself and my 2 elder sisters who were always extremely fashion forward and experimental when I was younger. Fashion, clothes and accessories accounted for much of our daily discussions. I moved to Dubai when I was 30 a single mother at the time with a 3 year old son and started my career in high fashion working for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and later Vogue Arabia two of the powerhouses of the fashion world engulfing me in what I love most – fashion. This would become the springboard I needed to fulfilling my destiny to be a designer.

Grazia: Talk to us about your background

Taira: I am the youngest of 5 siblings coming from an extremely conservative Muslim family. My parents immigrated from Pakistan in the early 1960’s. My father an entrepreneur, an extremely charismatic, driven and hardworking man, my mother, a soft and humble women. I posess the drive and willpower of my father and heart of my mother. Being the youngest it wasn’t easy growing up in a household with strong personalities. Seldom taken seriously, being the youngest my voice was often dismissed. I moved out to Wolverhampton University to study BA (hons) Criminal Justice, I remember feeling on top of the world. I was finally out of the shadows of my family and could experience life on my own. Thankfully I graduated with a 2 (I) and the rest as they say was history.

Grazia: What inspired you to create a line in modest wear ?

Taira: I believe I have created a breakthrough innovative, first in the world and luxury sustainable modest line of swimwear.I was inspired by my own struggles as a woman with a conservative Muslim upbringing, to find modest beach and resortwear that I could wear, that was stylish, comfortable and most importantly dignified.I sincerely believe that prior to the launch of my collection, the demand for modest failed to give women the freedom to express their glamorous and expressive side. What was available in the market was lacking the ‘va va boom’. There was a real niche to design something for the luxury modern modest women.My first launch was ‘The Sovereignty Cruise Collection’ naming each piece after royal female figure’s, reflecting the brand’s signature of originality and refined elegance. Using breathable, sustainable, luxury fabrics from Europe and created with a refreshing touch of innovation, the timeless design aesthetic is combined with sustainable, soft-touch UPF 50, 4-way stretch and dry fit materials, to afford the body natural confidence through the freedom of movement. Hand made with expert finesse by trained tailors in the UAE, each TAIRA piece is lovingly crafted and embellished with sequins and beads to take you from day to night, without missing a beat.Everyones idea of modesty is different, and I wanted to encapsulate them all.TAIRA creates the most breathtaking glamorous feminine Kaftans, dresses, tops, trousers and suits which have been worn by celebrities and mega influencers. The Majesty one shoulder dress has made its debut appearance on The Real Housewives of Dubai (Bravo series) worn by Caroline Brooks

.Grazia: What does the brand Taira Dubai offer ?

Taira: TAIRA offers women the right to be empowered to have the freedom of expression without being boxed in a stero type. Modest swimwear can be elegant and sophisticated and All our modest swimwear is made of sustainable material.TAIRA the brand is also socially conscious, with a percentage of sales benefitting orphanage charities worldwide.

Grazia: Where are garments available to purchase ?

Taira:From our website:Www.tairadubai.comInstagram shop: Taira DubaiBloomingdales DubaiBloomingdales KuwaitHarvey NicholsOUNASSLuxury promise Grazia: Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?Taira: The plan is to take TAIRA global, be on Net-A-Porter, Harrods and Selfriges. A long time dream of mine has been to set up a orphanage.

Grazia: What are the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur ?

Taira:Pros:The sense of fulfillment that comes from working on something that is truly your own is unmatched. The exhilarating feeling conjured by being the boss, fully in control of your own destiny. Always be your own cheer leader.Cons:Endlessly working around the clock, you eat, sleep, dream your brand. Only you are accountable for your success or failure.

Grazia: What is the best advice you can give to someone who is entering a world of fashion and looking to start up there own brand ?

Taira: Fully immerse yourself in the world of fashion that you see no other future for yourself. Make sure you have enough start up capital saved up as there are thousands of hidden costs involved. Its an expensive business to start. Research, research and research available supply lines. Be realistic with your timeline and have a clear DNA of the brand.Be BOLD and Just go for it! Amazing things happen from taking chances. Dreams become reality from hard work.

Grazia: Talk to us about a typical week in the world of Taira

Taira: No week is ever the same. Living in Dubai we tend to have guests over all the time: so we spend a huge amount of time entertaining.Below is the usual routine if we don’t have guest.Wake up 5.30am do my morning prayer. Have a coffee and wake up my son for school at 6.30am. Leave for school run 7.15am get back home by 8am to have breakfast with my husband and baby daughter.9am laptop comes on and go over all emails and social media posts inquires and orders.By 11am I normally have my meeting with my production house to check on my designs.From Midday I normally have up to 3 meeting, usually at The Arts Club Dubai.2.45pm leave for school runTake my son to boxing 3 times a week!7pm dinner with the family9pm head out with my husband for a walk on the palm, this is our downtime we use to discuss our day and unwind.11pm prepare for bed making my notes for what I have to do the next day.

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