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Throw her to the Wolves, watch her return, leading the pack

by Grazia

They say, it's up to us whether to make it or break it. Success doesn't just miraculously knock at our door step. It doesn't walk in until persistent efforts, and fearless determination is substantialize. In the melodies of being so harsh, swim creatures have faith in kindness and struggles, and very few in the world of transitions believe in capturing these miracles. They know the value of smiles we leave behind in our memories.

Still, there is hope in love. There is a rhythm of learning and growing through the ash.

Nothing is numb to be scared anymore. You have to be strong enough to bloom. In the journey of being successful, only patience travels to achieve.

Fatimah Haroon embraced herself with a flawless combination of faith, courage, positive vibes, and patience that led to her becoming one of the first very few young female photographers in Pakistan.

By knowing all about the uncertainty of life, she brought herself at a very young age to face everything that comes her way.

Forbearance and the continuous struggle to fight back with the wolves are all you want to survive.

It’s all about enduring the true meanings while discussing the faithful soul and the unclouded heart. Fatimah Haroon, one of the most talented and valuable gems, is a wholesome soul for our industry. She started photography at the age 15, and in 2009 she became the owner of her photography Enterprise named “Fatography.” The name stems from her nick Fato and joins with ‘graphy’, which means creating are with light.

Even at the age of 15, with her expertise in only photography, she knew that the true meaning behind her vision was to never restrained to just photography.

She wanted to stand out loud to discover the meaningful world of Art. She can look for beauty even in the shattered souls and capture the living moments we overlook. Now Fatography has marvellous achievements of optimism and aesthetic belief. Her Art is enhanced to depict that her photography skills are way more delicate and elusive in the world of thousands of miracles.

Between the age of 16 to 22, Fatimah marked her excellence by working at HELLO Magazine, Text Teen, Serena Hotels, UAL mentorship program, New York Fashion Week, Arab Fashion Week, Pakistan Fashion Week, Cannes Film Festival, British Academy Film Awards, and Marc Anthony Concerts; as one of the very few youngsters to be chosen from a big pool of competitive people for multiple creative roles such as a photographer, videographer, marketer, public relations manager some of the world’s well-known leading individuals.

She never took her depression, struggles, and loss as her imperfection. People always talk about their failures, but the central perspective is how you react to the toxicity. The leading force of yourself is to put thembehind and set yourself a goal that you have to fight back and prove them wrong. Towards her future endeavours, she served with all her efforts efficaciously.

Her behavioural Psychology studies have also played a vital role in capturing the human actions, the beautiful smiles, and the miracles of nature. She embraces her degree value by adding that it has reinforced her to establish a brave connection with the professional skyline of the media industry. The most supporting and encouraging way that ignited her spirit was risen by her theory and practical classes about filmmaking. She revealed her grace by crafting excellence in various projects after the in-depth reach of media, its structure, and the processes within artistic, historical, and socio-economic frameworks.

The substantial depth behind Fatimah Haroon’s captured photographs is so spectacular that the audience remains in ‘awe’ after looking at the moments encapsulated by the hues of her creativity.

During her Masters’s in Film Marketing and Distribution. Fatimah’s devotion and efforts to cover all aspects of the sector, from learning the intricacies of finance to a close look at contracts, audience research and the distribution landscape. Led her to the golden opportunities to be an intern or have a 4-week placement with LIONSGATE, HanWay Films, Pathe PR, ThinkJam, Pinewood Studios, Sony, and Cartoon Network, to name a few. One of the most significant achievements for not just Fatimah but also for Pakistan is that she was one of the first and only PR Marketers from Pakistan at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017.

She added that “To tap into the power of technology, to work as a devotee of media is a dream I eagerly strive to attain.”

She worked with top-rated Indian artists like Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone, and Sonam Kapoor. One of her most recent works includes a film leading Siddharth Malhotra and Manoj Bajpai.

We also know about the popularity of Turkish TV series and their actors in Pakistan. Ertugrul has been the staggering series on our screens. The performance of Turgut Alp, played by Cengiz Coskun, won millions of hearts, and Fatimah Haroon had the honour to shoot for Cengiz Coskun. Her heart-throbbing photography skills got a highly trending rank.

And no, this is not just the end of her adventure towards her goals. There is another possibility of being a multi talented woman. 

She got an interest in Cryptocurrency. She engaged herself with a very competitive crypto exchange company in Dubai. Fatimah Haroon has no boundaries to earn honour through work, creativity and struggle for a rewarding life.

Fortunately, Fatimah is well-trained in diverse environments around the globe, especially in the UK, USA, UAE, Gulf and Pakistan Photography, Filmmaking, Production, Cinematography, Marketing, Public Relations, and Editing. She is a strong example for all girls afraid of what society has to say. Besides that, Fatimah Haroon brings hope against the negativity and fear of the wolves of our community. She is a living example and honours for our country because she broke all the stereotypes with courage and a compassionate heart in the pack of arrogant souls that demotivated her throughout her childhood. She became one of the first very few youngest female photographers and one of the most famous entrepreneur and guide for the upcoming generation of millennials. She proved through her freedom journey that a woman could and should have the right to work and achieve her dreams. During the Global pandemic, Fatimah began gaining interest in Cryptocurrency and the future of FinTech, which is entirely different from her field and experience. But before we knew it, Fatimah had already made her move to Dubai to one of the most competitive Crypto Exchanges in the world. Now that goes by her motto of ‘Why not?’ where Fatimah emphasises how we have one life; thus, why not do what our heart desires? We can never stop learning and unlearning.

Despite the uncountable knockdowns, she picked herself up each time; she raised herself as a kingdom queen. She built her castle of dreams and not just her fairy tales but proved that fairy tales exist. You can work hard to live like a Queen leading a pack of wolves.

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