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It looks like ‘The Simpsons’ predicted the Capitol Hill riots in 1996

by Grazia

Just when we all were beginning to think that last year was a strange year in came the new year with the Capitol Hill riots. But if there’s one thing both the pandemic and breach had in common, it is the fact that “The Simpsons” saw them coming. Weird, isn’t it?

Unsurprisingly now more than ever, turns out an episode of the show predicted the Capitol Hill riots. The animated series that launched nearly 31 years ago is famous for predicting major future events with precision it seems.
An unearthed 1996 episode of the show title ‘The Day the Violence Died’, features an angry mob inciting violence at the Capitol Hill.
After Donald Trump’s angry supporters’ demonstration at the Capitol Hill wreaked havoc recently, Francis Creaven tweeted the clip from the episode, saying, “Simpsons predicted it many years ago.”

The video from the animated series displays riots initiating after a ratified amendment is passed which legalizes policemen to “beat those liberal freaks.” With gun-shots, explosions and riots going off atop the Capitol Hill, an angry protestor can be seen yelling “Doors open, boys!”

Another screenshot from one of the episodes has been making rounds on the social media where an armed Homer can be seen sitting atop a house while his surroundings are set ablaze. The episode showed the glimpse of the future… dated around, guess when? January 20, 2021! How strange is that?

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