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Coke Studio Fame Nirmal Roy releases Kaheen Dur Chaleen with Hussain Ajani

by Grazia

Nirmal Roy who has been critically acclaimed for singing “Ala Bali” along with Jabar Abbas and “Jindaani” with Ali Hamza from Coke Studio, has released her next single with Hussain Ajani Record Label, titled Kaheen Dur Chaleen the song, the song released on November 7th, 2020, the song is written and composed by Nirmal Roy as well.

We spoke to Nirmal Roy and asked her what the song is about and also asked her What she feels is special about the song, she tell us “This is song about separation but still there is still hope, In the starting of the song you would find the song is showcasing happy vibes, but as the song progresses you feel the song showcasing sadness but even with sadness you would find that there is a hope and that hope is that there is a chance of reconciliation or may be able to share the feelings that we have in our hearts. This song showcases different emotions and that is what I had in my mind while composing and writing the song. I have done many songs before but there is not a single song which has all the three elements, I am really excited and hope that the audience will appreciate and love the track, and hope that everyone understands what all I am trying to convey with this song and connect with the song”

This is Hussain Ajani’s 4th release from the record label, the first three being “Jugni” with Jabbar Abbas, “Kaise Kahoon” with Natasha Baig, and recently released track “Mandiyan” with Sherry Khan, all the 3 songs have been a hit so far and people have been crooning to it all over the world. While Mandiyan is still going strong as it has already crossed 1 Million views on youtube. Team Mandiyan recently celebrated the success party of the song.

Hussain Ajani since launching his record label in the USA is on a high, with three releases in the last two months, he tells us “There are many more songs to come before the end of the year and alot more by next year”. We also asked him the genre and singers involved, he tell us “Everyone including me has to wait, and we will make a official announcement soon, as of now we are solely focusing on one song at a time and this one to us is special like the ones we have released earlier”

Well some big plans but we will have to wait to find out about. For more details watch this space for more.

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