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5 Golden Rules To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

by Pakhi Rajesh Kumar Dixit

Fragrance is powerful. It significantly alters your mood for the better, helps you relax, reduces stress, and we all love our perfume and want it to last long, especially when we are out in a social gathering.

Carrying your perfume bottle everywhere with you and taking out time from your schedule to spray it again and again is inconvenient and might look rather strange to people around you. For starters you can go with fragrance notes that are innately strong and last longer such as White Musk, Tuberose, and Patchouli. But just in case if you are a newbie in the fragrance world or love to casually toss in the ones that smell good and do not really read ‘what makes your perfume’ list on the back of packaging it comes in, don’t worry, because here are 5 golden rules that will make your perfume last longer:

Spray directly on skin

Before going ahead with anything, wash the area where you wish to use your perfume on. And then moisturize with Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly you have. Spray your perfume on the moisturized area and let it sit for a while. Moisturized skin provides a solid base for the fragrance molecules to sit in and natural oils of your skin accentuate the effects therefore making your perfume last longer. Don’t try to rub it into your skin. Rubbing makes the fragrance disappear faster. For better results, use it on your nodal or pulse points such as wrist, temples, nape, inner elbow and behind the knees.

Apply on your hair 

Wash your hair or rub a warm towel through and blow-dry. Then take your locks and spray the perfume directly. Rub and run your fingers to spread it evenly from your neck up. You can also spray it on a comb and run it through your hair for an even spread. If you have very sensitive skin, you can try this hair route. Make sure you use a trusted brand, so it doesn’t harm your hair. If you use a perfume which has a strong smell, you can mix it with some distilled water in a spray bottle, turning it into mist. You can directly walk in a fragrance cloud if you prefer to go light.


Layering is a very common method of experiencing two delicious fragrances at the same time and for long. Before going all in directly, test out your combination either on a paper tissue or cotton ball. For your first base, keep the one that smells stronger, and then top it up with the lighter one so that you don’t get a mixed overpowering aroma. Try to keep it to two to three combinations. A lot of perfume will overpower your olfactory system which can make you dizzy.

Proper storage

Never keep your perfume bottles in your bathroom. Always store them in your fridge. The notes which your perfumes are made of go through major aroma loss in humid or warm environments. Also don’t shake the bottle before use.

Cotton balls

If you don’t like to spray perfume over your clothes because you hate stains or the lingering scent that stays for a while after a wash, spray it over a few cotton balls or a paper tissue and carry it with you. Whenever you feel that you need a touch-up, use one of your scented cotton balls on your nodal points or gently slide it through behind your ears. Threads in cotton as well as in paper tissues hold fragrance for a very long time. Additional benefits include a fragrant purse/bag.

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