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5 Reasons Why Scrunchies Are Actually Good For You!

by Pakhi Rajesh Kumar Dixit

Scrunchies were our favourite hair accessory growing up. They also worked (well, the black ones) if you were in the ‘strict-dress-code’ school club. And as we transformed into baby adults from angsty teenagers, they served all sorts of funky roles – accessory for that cool look, wrist bands, and some of us also used them to tie together papers for university work.

Scrunchies were multipurpose for the experimenters. A big craze from 80s to early 2010, they somewhat started dwindling as the 80s and the 90s folks grew up and decided to wear their hair down, sometimes in a bun, or short (because that was what time allowed them to do). But 2020 saw scrunchies rising again, for the actual purposes as well as aesthetically. Other than the beauty they add to your dress and hair, they are beneficial enough for you to start using them again.

So here are 5 reasons why they are actually very good for you. Hopefully after reading these points, you will buy yourself a set. Nothing better than the nostalgia of good old days with some good old school accessories as  winter sets in.

Don’t cause ponytail headaches

If you suffer from chronic headaches in winter or chronic pain in general such as stress headache, cluster headache, or migraine, replacing your rubber bands to tie your hair with a good cotton fabric or silk scrunchie is a much better option. Scrunchies don’t make your head burst with pain because they are soft, loose, and the fabric keeps your hair in place even with a loose tie. The softness helps you avoid the hair pain (for people with conditions such as Fibromyalgia where hair hurts too). They are also sustainable because they don’t break easily as rubber bands do, hence saving you the snap pain on fingers.

Reduce hair breakage

When you remove a scrunchie, your hair doesn’t break in the process. If you use rubber bands daily, you will have noticed several hair strands coming down with them. So, if your hair is in a brittle state after Covid or is normally brittle, use scrunchies. Also, if you decide to let your hair down in one of those swiftly-made-not-planned-before decisions, you will not end up looking like someone who is freshly out of a WWE sibling fight.

Fix a bad hair day

If you are going through a bad hair day (because honestly there are more bad hair days than good ones), tie your hair in a messy bun or a high ponytail with a big-bold-beautiful scrunchie and you are golden! Try to use ones that are brown, black, silver, shimmery, or red. Try to glam up your look by wearing a metallic one with a black dress. They also make your hair look voluminous if you tie a pony in bun. Remember, it is better to be sad with a beautiful scrunchie as your crown on a bad hair day than being sad with just a normal messy bad hair day!

Good for your scalp

They are good for your scalp because you don’t have to tie or pull your hair super tight with a scrunchie. Therefore, your hair follicles don’t get damaged, and your hair doesn’t break from its root. It also detangles your hair to a little extent when you slide it down your mane or bun at the end of the day, therefore when you comb afterwards, your scalp doesn’t feel the wrath of your untangled hair.

Wrist candy and multipurpose

If you are not a big hand accessories person, you can still use a scrunchie on your wrist. They always look cool, beautiful, trendy, and add colour to your casual outfits and obviously hair. And then because they are handy, they can always be a hair saviour in case of emergency. You don’t have to worry about how your hair look all the time when you are out. Tie it in a pony, or a bun, or a loose shoulder hang, whenever you like. You can try to straighten your hair with it too. Just slide your scrunchie for 5 minutes down your hair and you will get a near straightened look.

A friendly note: Try to use satin or silk scrunchies if you can, otherwise anyone with a good fabric work fine. Fabric is the most important factor while selecting them. The better the fabric, the better all these benefits are realised.

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