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Top 5 picks: Our favourite ‘locked down’ celebs posts

by Saad Sarosh

These five celebrities definitely got our attention with their super cool insta posts this past week.

All of us at some point have wished to be a Disney princess —magic, beautiful dresses and a prince charming just waiting for us to forget our heels at the dance, but there’s definitely one such princess no one expected to become.
Rapunzel — while many of us envied her long strong hair, the one thing we never asked for was to be locked inside a house just like her but unlike the trapped princess, we actually have a lot to do even while not being able to go out.
Instagram for one has all of us staring at our mobile screens for a better part of the day but besides live sessions and dalgona coffee there’s also not a lot to look forward to. However, some of our favourite celebrities shared some super fun pictures over the last week that did get us smiling.

Mahira Khan

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صبح بخیر !

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In a sudden surprise, superstar Mahira Khan posted a sunkissed selfie with a caption ‘Good morning’ at well, around 12 am. Something that a lot of can relate to in these days of quarantine when our entire schedule has gone for a toss.

Shaniera Akram

Although Shaniera keeps us entertained with her posts, this one has got to be our favourite so far. The social activist posted a picture of husband and cricket legend WasimAkram cooking. If the Sultan of Swing can pick up the ‘belan’ what are you waiting for our dear men?

Sadaf Kanwal

The insta selfie queen, Sadaf posted a throwback picture last week with a caption that hit home and yes, point noted, Girl.

Sheheryar Munawar

Alyzeh Gabol

This has got to be the most relatable one. Alyzeh shared a picture of herself siting in her terrace and gawking at the outside, thinking of the good’ol times when we used to be out and about. The feeling is mutual, girl.

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