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Shayoon Mendeluk – The powerful & most sought after female healer

by Grazia

Our stunning cover star is one of the most talented individuals we have come across. We got the chance to get to know about her wonderful healing work that she and her husband have been doing - healing hundreds and thousands of individuals across the globe.

Photography: Oscar Munar
Hair and Makeup: Kseniia Bogdanova
Earrings: Neany Bourrelly, @neanybourrelly
Alexander’s Outfit: Amir Adnan
Scarf: Alekai Goldentear
Cover Star: Shayoon Mendeluk, @shayoon
Shayoon’s Outfits: @sajdabysuman
Photo Editing: Syed Umair

Grazia: Shayoon, tell us how Bali happened? You live in one of the most exotic and serene places on this planet. How is that life? Why Bali?
I am an island girl. Bali was never an option to live as I moved from LA to Ibiza in 2015 and had been living in Ibiza, Spain until February 2020. That is when me, my husband Alexander, and our son Ayaah came to Bali for a vacation from our home in Ibiza, Spain. It was Ayaah’s 2nd birthday and we needed a break and we had never been to Bali. We had no intention of staying here more than two weeks. In the first week we were here we experienced the most traumatizing event of our lives, a robbery and attempted kidnapping of our son from our hotel room. By the grace of God, I woke up to the sound of a man moving Ayaahs crib. After a long traumatizing night the bottom line is – today I have my son. Unfortunately not a lot of parents get that opportunity. Then during our healing process, which was our week 2 in Bali, the global pandemic took place and we got locked down in Bali. No US citizens were allowed back to Europe, meaning we couldn’t get home. So we stayed here and have not left since last year! It took time for me to heal from the trauma of the attempted kidnapping, but I did the best thing one could do and turned my pain into purpose!

Grazia: Can you tell us how you became a partner at the Child Rescue Coalition?
I had first hand experience and a small glimpse into child sex trafficking with what almost happened to my son and I was determined to never ever let that take place again. I was also determined to educate the world about child sex trafficking and child sexual abuse. I researched and researched for months until I found the most amazing non profit called The Child rescue coalition. Child Rescue Coalition is a nonprofit organization that rescues children from sexual abuse by building technology for law enforcement, free of charge, to track, arrest and prosecute child predators.
We collaborate with a global force of child exploitation investigators, police officers, digital forensic experts, child welfare agencies and donors to rescue children and apprehend abusers in real time.
Our Child Protection System Technology (CPS)  provides the most comprehensive view of where child predators around the world are downloading and sharing explicit content online.
We work around the clock to collect and index 30 to 50 million reports of online users trading child sexual abuse material every day. This information allows us to expose hidden networks of abusers and report their activity.
Additionally, we provide our data to local law enforcement agencies free of charge to help them protect children by tracking, arresting and prosecuting child predators worldwide — often without having to put children through the trauma of testifying in court.
You can get involved and support here: https://childrescuecoalition.org/

Grazia: Describe a day in the life of Shayoon Mendeluk
Every morning I wake up to Ayaah speaking into his monitor asking me to come get him so he can crawl into bed with us. He has never been a late riser so I have been a part of the 5 am club for a long time haha.
I am very strict with my morning ritual. It is what I teach and I believe it can change the course of your life if implemented. Everyday. No screensfor  an hour after you wake up and no screens one hour before you go to sleep. I make a tea to kickstart the metabolism and then I go straight into prayer and meditation. I believe that one must check in with oneself before checking in with the world. After my mind is right and balanced, I train with my trainer at home approximately four times a week. Then I plan my day. I have a sheet that is actually part of The Lightforce Center ritual which is called the daily flow report. I prioritize and set goals for my day that way I have a clear plan so I can execute at my highest potential.  I make all the meals at home for my family, every day and eat out maybe twice a month. We are homeschooling Ayaah so we take turns with that holistic and mindful curriculum and then I have healing clients throughout the day and I end my day with a swim in the pool or dip in the sea or walk on the beach. Here is my gift to everyone reading this. If you want the morning ritual and meditations:

Grazia: We have always seen you take pride in all that comes with motherhood. Over the years you have managed to take away the taboo around breastfeeding. We think its wonderful what you stand for. Can you tell us a little bit more about this? What made you speak up about this? Was there something that you had noticed about the society we live in?
Our culture allows for our voices to be suppressed. Suppression leads to a whole host of things like anxiety, depression etc. I wanted to be an example for all women who have been through cultural suppression, depression and trauma. I wanted to start a movement to change the way we are expected to be. To show that we should not be ashamed of our bodies, but rather we must be celebrated. We are women, the most powerful beings and portals that exist. So I documented my breastfeeding and motherhood journey, and it went viral multiple times. My goal is to inspire and educate always.

Grazia: Shayoon tell us about the show that you are currently filming. What is the documentary about? When will we be seeing it? Do we have a title that can be disclosed? 
The documentary is based on the healing work that my husband and I do. Our students have reported  healing from: cancer, tumors dissolving, diabetes, anxiety, depression, IBS, arthritis, and the list goes on. According to our success rate, we believe you can heal anything within a 4-7 week period. We have been approached to document and show the healing modalities behind it and prove that our cases are backed by science and show the world our results. The goal is to show people how easy it is to heal.

Grazia: Can you tell us more about how you were introduced to the life of healing? Tell us what the name of your program is. Tell us more about it. What the concept is behind it and how exactly did you discover this path?
I have always been an empath and very intune to the world. I was in a terrible accident years ago where the western medical world told me I basically wasn’t going to be able to have children, I was to take injections in my spine and be addicted to pain killers my entire life . I was a walking zombie, always living in pain and just accepted that that was my reality.  My husband changed that reality in a matter of minutes one fine day, when he introduced me to Emotion Freedom Technique. I learned the concept of forgiving my body and freeing myself of the emotional attachment to the pain and suffering and I was healed in a matter of minutes. I was so obsessed with this concept and the fact that one could heal so many peoples lives by adapting this concept, so I decided to devote my life to it.
I trained in multiple healing modalities for years and now we have come up with one that saves people lives every single day.
THE LIGHTFORCE CENTER™ is a center of light for the world. A place for people from all walks of life to heal, transform, and harness the power of their purpose and Truth, for creating conscious solutions for the new earth paradigm. 
Through powerful healing modalities (LightForce Healing™), education, transformational experiences, products and services, delivered both online and in-person, individuals are able to heal themselves of all things, gain clarity and direction in their life’s purpose, and gain community support and council to take inspired action in their personal, creative and conscious business endeavors.
We he have a four and seven week program. The four week program is the healing and the seven week is healing and purpose work. We believe healing is not a life long journey and you should be able to heal within a short period of time and then focus on why you are really here on earth. Some questions we make our clients think about are:
What is your vision mission and purpose? Why were you put here?

We teach the purpose work after the healing has taken place so the individual knows what to do on the other side of their pain. Since the pandemic we took our in-person work online to zoom and have had a 100% success rate with all of our hundreds of students and clients, which range from A-list Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, to the elderly, children, couples – you name it. You can heal literally anything by surrendering and trusting the process… On Zoom! It is that easy. We are currently also building th Lightforce Center Pyramid which is the healing center here in Indonesia.
You were not designed to be sick, you were not designed to suffer. As soon as you clear your emotional trauma and negative programming, your mind, body and spirit automatically and instantaneously re-corrects its-self.  We have witnessed students heal themselves of tumors, cancers, sexual and physical trauma, auto immune diseases, chronic pain and much more. Nothing is off the table. Peace, harmony & balance is yours if you want it and are ready.

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