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Hamza Rajpoot The Ultimate Vlogger & Instagram Star

by Grazia

Famous Pakistani vlogger Hamza Rajpoot’s journey to success is an interesting one.

Born on August 22, 1996, Hamza hails from Rawalpindi. With hard work and dedication, he has successfully managed to create a space for himself in the vlogging sphere of Pakistan.

When Hamza is not vlogging, he is managing his construction business. He always enjoyed making videos and it was looking at his passion for videography along with his impressive skills that a number of his friends suggested that he try his hand at vlogging. Hamza took their advice and started making vlogs that got a better response than he had initially expected. This gave him a boost of encouragement and he decided to continue it alongside his construction business.

Hamza puts a great deal of hard work into his vlogs. When you watch his content, you can tell he loves and enjoys what he does.

Hamza is an ardent fan of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Seeing his political struggle and the uphill battle, he takes it as an inspiration for himself. Hamza believes that no good thing comes easy. “I’ve learned from Imran Khan’s life that when you give your best to your life mission, you can achieve whatever you wish for,” he says.

Logan Paul inspires Hamza, who wishes to achieve a milestone of having 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Hamza has had a wonderful journey making vlogs and has not faced any negative experiences. His friends, family, and followers have always appreciated his hard work and talent, however, he recalls some unpleasant incidents of seeing people interacting with nature irresponsibly. It is his pet peeve to see people not maintaining cleanliness at resorts and tourist spots. Being the nature lover that he is, it saddens him to witness people mindlessly destroying the beauty of our environment by throwing trash and breaking rules. Hamza finds solace and enjoyment in nature’s lap than visiting shopping malls or restaurants. To him, nature offers much more to us than many superficial joys of the modern world. 

Through his vlogs, he has documented his tours to various parts of the northern areas of Pakistan. His vlog on Swat Valley surpassed 1 million views on Youtube! He wants to capture the true colors of Pakistan and our country in a positive light on the international platform.

Other than his professional activities, Hamza is a fitness enthusiast and considers his gym to be his second home. He sees fitness and good health as essential parts of one’s journey towards success. “If you’re fit and healthy, you can do anything”, he states.
 Hamza Rajpoot aspires to be a successful vlogger and wishes to go on a world tour, along with being a source of happiness and pride for his parents.

Hamza can be reached at @hamza1rajpoot on Instagram and @hamza1rajput  on Twitter.

Check out his vlogs here on his Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx9Bv2f6yk4lMWEOIvwcQbQ

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