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Flower Power: 5 Lovely Flowers To Use For The Beautiful You!

by Pakhi Rajesh Kumar Dixit

Flowers are the universe’s gift bestowed upon us with all the colours and sizes and delicious scents. They have been used for centuries in beautification, skin healing and perfumery. Aromatherapy has always been used for medicinal purposes. But keeping the aroma factor aside, flowers have natural remedies to several skin ailments too. They look beautiful on you and make your skin beautiful aswell.

So here are 5 lovely flowers to enhance the beauty that already lies within you!


Marigold, super easy to find, is a treat to your eyes. Other than this, its oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Turn this flower into a paste (marigold, honey and water) and it can be used to reduce blemishes. This paste is also effective in clearing skin of whiteheads or excessive oil. You can also add the oil in bath water, and it will automatically cut down on rashes and skin chap. Use marigold oil as a face mist or weekly skin care session’s prime face mask. It can also help in reducing bee bites and other random bumps.


If you are under constant stress and nothing seems to work for you, take some white vinegar (approximately 100ml) and add 10-20 carnation petals, let this mixture sit for a day and then add it to your bath water. Your aching muscles will be relaxed, your blood circulation will increase, you will feel energized and so will your skin.


Jasmine smells so good. This yummy smelling flower makes a great bath time treat. Mix it with some white vinegar and almond oil to have a relaxing bath. You can also steep these flowers with distilled water and then after straining, store the after product in fridge or any other cool place for a day. Your jasmine mist is ready. Spray it on your skin twice every day and you will see the wonders it does to your skin pores and scars!


Chamomile Tea is the most common tea used to calm down the nerves, but Chamomile flowers alone are also used in beauty products, Because of its natural calming ability, it is incredibly effective for people who suffer from eye puffiness or tired looking skin almost daily. Make a strong fusion like mixture of these beautiful flowers and use it as an eye decompress. You can also apply it on your skin, massage and then wash with cold water to get tight skin.


Rose is that classic flower which has been in use for decades now in skin care regimes and various beauty products. Rose extract or oil (pure and not the adulterated one) is used in various ways on almost all types of skin, but mostly for natural moisturizing and soothing. It is particularly useful for moisturizing dry skin. Those who suffer from regular acne/pimple outbreaks and afterwards must bear the tyranny of those scars, rose oils proves to be an effective antiseptic and with its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, reduce the redness and bumps. It is a wound healer. Rose oil or extract can be used as a moisturizer and skin toner for calm and even looking skin.

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