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Five Acrylic Nails Inspo For Summers

by Subul Khan

It always feels incomplete if your nails aren’t done right and that’s why we bring to you acrylic nail inspirations perfect for this summer season!

Halo acrylic nails

Evidently enough, halo is the new cool and we can’t disagree. But have you seen halo acrylic nails before? Love the idea, don’t you? So this is your sign to get halo acrylic nails right away for this summer season.

Ombre nails

What is more calming then colors smoothly blending into each other. This summer get ombre acrylics done to flaunt your breezy yet chic style. Ombre nails have not only known to make your nails unique but also a very fresh spin to the traditional acrylic nail designs.

Pastel nails

Without a doubt, pastels are the way to go for summers. Then with clothes, bags and everything available, why leave your nails out? Pastel acrylic nails have for sure been a big hit and its a must to get them this summers.

Coloured French tips

While French manicures remain the typical best, they now come in colored tips and we can’t stop drooling this concept! A little different from the usual but for sure a head turner when it comes to stellar acrylic nails.

Neon nails

Well why should the Sun be the only thing to shine bright, this summers treat yourselves with bright, fun neon nails and stand out at your quirkiest best! Neon nails scream grandeur yet fun at the same time and what could better than that on a lazy summer afternoon!

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