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Emirates Palace — A Luxurious Getaway

by Grazia

When it comes to extravagant hotels, there’s luxury on one end and then there’s The Emirates Palace giving luxury a whole new different meaning. A Palace renowned for its brilliant service and enchanting views.

Written by: Sibgha Batool
Managed & Edited by: Kaniz Ali

The Emirates Palace transcends every definition of grandeur and lavishness. Once you cross over into its magnificent doors, a fairy tale comes to life — you automatically transform into a royal as you breathe in the air of luxury in this paradise on earth.
The Emirates Palace has set its own raft of records, adding luster to the city’s ever-growing array of attractions. It is opulence at its best as it flows with the utmost best quality of Arabian hospitality. A truly incredible sight in the desert, the Emirates Palace gleams with brilliancy from its hospitality to all the services it has to offer. The stupendous Emirates Palace hotel dominates Downtown Abu Dhabi’s southwestern side. Opened in 2005, the hotel cost a reputed $3 billion and is built on the grandest of scales, stretching for well over a kilometer along its own exclusive 1.3km long beach.
The hotel’s regal red-sandstone exterior, topped with rippling domes and surrounded by gushing fountains, is guaranteed to impress. Even more majestic, however, is the lavish interior, a dazzling, shimmering vision of marble, gold leaf (24k) and opulent decorative features.Before entering the Emirates Palace, you’ll be dazzled by a magnificent pink Triumphant Arch gate with a dome. 1,002 chandeliers crafted using Swarovski crystals adorn the interior of the Palace at every step you take. There are 114 domes — the most stunning is the Grand Atrium dome (decorated with silver and gold glass mosaic tiles). There are 8,000 trees within the hotel, and some of the palm trees have been petrified to preserve their natural state. The city’s wealth is ostentatiously put on display as you’re greeted by the gold-plated lobby. The opulence of the lobby’s gold interior is breathtaking: an entrance to heaven on earth. Also be ready to take advantage of 24-hour butler service.On a scale like no other, the Emirates Palace has around 2000 staff from 50 different countries. They speak several languages to accommodate their guests at best.

Emirates Palace has 390 plush rooms and 92 lavishly decorated Sea View Suite and Palace Suites. Every nook in the hotel has a state of art technology that leaves you astonished and excited. They have rooms with the view of the city: an eclectic array of megalithic skyscrapers jutting through the clouds, garden view room, garden terrace room, deluxe sea view room and several suites. On the fifth floor is a reception for kings and heads of state and on the eighth are suites designed especially for the Gulf Rulers. The Saudi Suite even has its own barbershop.
Having had the pleasure of staying in the Deluxe Sea View Room, the magnificent views of the Gulf leave you mesmerized. The room has an undisturbed view of the sea, with a large picture windowed balcony that blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors. The light flows through the large balcony windows making you fall in love with your surroundings. The colors in the room are carefully matched, which creates a calm overall impression. The light brown bamboo tones on the walls and tables matched with the perfect turquoise shaded sofa welcomes the guest to indulge… and perhaps never even leave the room. Words may run out the dictionary to describe the sumptuous vibrancy of the Emirates Palace; it’s a palace fit for royalty.

Amenities include:
Daily Replenished Fruits (usually sprinkled with gold because it’s a must have in Arabia)
Diptyque Bath Amenities (the shampoo and conditioner leave the hair feeling like a million dollars)
Marble Bathroom and Dual Sink (enough space to sprawl out all your makeup for a photoshoot)
Pillow Menu (dream in luxury)
Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock
Not Checking in? No problem! Officially you need an advance reservation to get into the hotel, but the lobby is open to the public. If you’re not staying at the hotel, there are several activities and services provided in which you can still partake and feel like royalty.

The Signature 24-Carat Gold
Radiance Facial: For a soothing evening, Emirates Palace Spa offers an array of excellent spa escapes. One not to be missed out on is the signature 24-Carat Gold Radiance Facial. The facial helps renew your skin, increase blood flow, and is high in antioxidants and minerals. Your skin will feel youthful and radiant with an instant glow and illumination as you feel like an emperor or empress!

Afternoon Tea at the Palace:
After having the afternoon tea at the Emirates Palace, you’ll miss 24-Carat gold being casually sparkled on to your sandwiches, tea, and coffee when you go elsewhere. At the Palace, you get to choose from an unparalleled selection of herbal infusions, teas, and coffee to awaken your palate. You’ll bite into scrumptious and sumptuous sandwiches filled with luxurious delicacies and delicately crafted French pastries. Each bite will be filled with rich flavor. The two-hour experience is priced at 485 AED per couple.

Camel Riding:
You’ll be greeted by a noble Bedouin as he offers you tea and gets the camel ready for your ride along the beach. The best time to ride is when you can catch the sunset on the horizon. Plus, it’s completely free! it’s completely free for in-house guests.

Emirates Palace has award-winning cuisine with renowned chefs from around the globe.

Hakkasan Abu Dhabi:
The ambiance of Hakkasan’s 1-Michelin star restaurant sets an exceptional mood with the dining area crafted into a wooden cage surrounded by backlit blue glass and a stainless-steel frame. The staff are exceptionally attentive and serve you within the blink of an eye. My favorite recommendations at the restaurant would be the Hot and Sour Soup with Chicken, Crispy Duck Salad, Crispy Chicken with Dry Chili and Almond, Hakka Platter (Hazelnut Parfait, Spikey Lemon, Sweet Caviar, Chocolate Souffle and Raspberry Pistachio).

Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi:
Contemporary and classic Indian cuisine mastered by Hemant Oberoi. It’s an ode to innovative musings. His state-of-the-art recipes have transformed the approach to Indian cuisine. His innovative style sets the taste of his recipes apart and satisfies every palate.
Recommendations: Masala Chai Crème Brulé, Kursi Chaat,
Different Strokes (three flavors of Jalebi: saffron, orange and fennel & pepper).
The Lebanese Terrace: Arabic flavours unlocked; this outdoor venue showcases authentic Arabic cuisine with stunning views of the palace grounds. The best local flavours of the Arabic culture are found at this gem in the Palace.

Recommendations: Mixed Grill
Platter, Lamb Chops, Lebanese Kofta Kabab, Charcoal Baked
Pistachio Baklawa, Cheese Kunafa
Talea by Antonio Guida: If you’re looking for a taste of Italy in the deserts of Arabia, look no further than Talea by Antonio Guida. Some of the ingredients get imported on a daily basis from Italy to keep the authenticity of the flavors—Mamma Mia!

Recommendations: ravioli, handcrafted carbonara, artisanal pizza.
The hypnotizing Arabesque, award-winning five-star hotel is wonderfully unique and gives you a taste of the world as it sits impressively in the deserts of Arabia. Technology and tradition converge in Abu Dhabi’s dreamy desert metropolis. To most visitors, the Emirates Palace is a land of awe and opulence, a shopper’s paradise and a spectacle that must be seen to be believed. The Palace is a meticulously designed luxury hotel to cater to every whim and desire. It is a delicate harmony of mesmerizing peaks and enchanting troughs well worth visiting. Beyond the expected glitz and glamour lies an even more enthralling world of adventure for those who seek it.

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