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Duvet Cover Sets that will Breathe Life into your Bedroom!

by Grazia

Under the chilly weather and winds, all one wants to do is curl up in bed all day and while that may not be possible all the time but it’s undeniable how much we all spend time under the sheets in bed through the season. So, why not give it the makeover it rightly deserves! If this though resonates with you, we have got you covered with a list of lovely duvet cover sets that can change the way you feel about your dear old bed!

Ash Flora T-200 Quilt Cover Set

This beautiful luxury quilt cover set is perfect for anyone who was to enjoy the luxurious feel of cotton sateen. The beautiful print and the lovely muted hues of brown make it a perfect set to use in this season and what we love about the color and design is its versatility to complement any bedroom regardless of the theme it follows. 

Basil Rose T-150 Quilt Cover Set

Thanks to this duvet cover’s wrinkle free design, you can add style to your bed without worrying about getting those stubborn wrinkles out. This fabric is durable and the beautiful floral print gives an instant feeling of gentle softness and care. What more do you need from your duvet cover, right?

Merlot T-200 Quilt Cover Set

Ladies with an eye for classic design, we’ve got you covered! This one’s definitely going in the guest bedroom for all those special guests and occasions. 200 thread count not only ensures a luxurious feel but the traditional color and print simply elevates the look even further. 

Coal T-150 Quilt Cover Set

If you drift more towards the contemporary style, make your bed the focal point of the room with this beautiful duvet cover ser that’ll draw attention to your perfectly made bed and instantly add a touch of warmth to your room.

Mist T-150 Quilt Cover Set

Winters can be boring, gloomy and dull! Why not uplift your mood with the beautiful peach duvet set. The pastel hues are a constant reminder of the lovely spring ahead complemented by the floral print. Perfect duvet set to snuggle in and forget all about your winter woes!

Vintage Damask T-150 Quilt Cover Set

You can never go wrong with a vintage print. It is elegant, it is neutral and it will give your bedroom a more formal look. We love this set because the material is wrinkle-resistant, which will always make your bed look like you can bounce a quarter off of it. Choose this to give your bedroom a sophisticated look!

Pastel Affair T-150 Quilt Cover Set

There’s something about this print that takes us to the islands of Turkey and Greece. The pretty blue mixed with the traditional Mediterranean print makes it perfect for when you want to lie down and forget about all your worries of the day. Definitely, a must-have addition to your linen closet!

If you’re someone who is mindful of quality, comfort as well as functionality when it comes to choosing home linen, these duvet cover sets from Ideas Home are definitely for you. Non-iron material makes them a hassle-free addition and the sheer variety of prints ensure that there is something for everyone. Plus, you can get everything you like from the comfort of your home by shopping from the official Ideas Home website

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