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Diipa Khosla on being a social media star and embracing motherhood

by Grazia

Our gorgeous cover star, Diipa Khosla is a fashionista we love! This cover shoot takes you through all the fun trends you need to keep an eye out for! We had the pleasure of sitting down with Diipa and jotting down some pointers for up and coming influencers as well as her life after the birth of her beautiful daughter!

Photography: Martijn Senders
Creative & Fashion Direction: Pedro Dias
Makeup: Christel Man
Hair: Yevgen Sokolov for Balmain Hair Couture &
Talent: Diipa Buller Khosla
Assistent Styling: Iris Ruighaver
Assitant Production: Luana Machnitzki

Grazia: Is there ever a time you feel you need more privacy in terms of your life when it comes to being so famous on the social media? With so many followers, constantly watching everything.
Diipa: Social media as a profession has its advantages and disadvantages just as any other occupation. When I began my journey on social media, I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of being where I am today, having the platform and opportunities I am blessed with. I always try to be transparent with my audience, giving them insight into my life where I feel is appropriate. I consider my audience an ‘Insta family’, thus feel no pressure or guilt to share or to keep things private. There are boundaries when it comes to my personal life, however I am always excited to share news with my followers.

Grazia: Tell us what a day in your life looks like.
Diipa: Needless to say, my daily life has taken a turn since I’ve become a mom! However, my usual routine has started to make its way back to its course. My days consist of the usual meetings for exciting upcoming projects as a lot of my time goes into planning and scheduling content; I have the occasional photoshoot for either my own content or a project I’m working on. I’ve gradually started gyming again where my body allows. As my day winds down, I take the time to relax with either a stroll with Dua and Oleg, or simply relaxing at home with the family.

Grazia: How did you and your husband meet? Tell us about your life togetherand your love story.
Diipa: Like a typical-romance movie, we met at university – University College Utrecht to be specific, where I had just started my first year, and Oleg was already in his final year.
Being the student body president, he was set to show me around and get me settled into the university on my first day. I can’t say that we made the best first impressions of each other, however they were strong enough for us to remember one another a few years down the lane. Five years into the future, we found each other via social media, where he reached out to me and asked me out on a date.
During our first encounter, I already believed we had a bit of a spark, regardless of the attitude I gave!
However, five years later, when we went on our first date, that was when I think he and I both knew we were made for each other, finally getting to know and appreciating each other’s values and character in its truth.
Now married for 4 years, I know I made the right decision in my partner. I realize this as each day goes by. We consider ourselves a dynamic team that always lifts each other up through both good and difficult times.

Grazia: Who named Dua? And how has life changed after she arrived? How is motherhood treating you?
Diipa: While brainstorming, we were throwing names out in the open when we both heard Dua, we knew it was the one, for both its beauty and meaning. Despite the changes a woman must experience when becoming a mother, motherhood has been a bliss so far, it’s still surreal to me that we have been blessed with such a beautiful soul as a daughter, a feeling that’s truly indescribable. Dua for one is easy going most of the time, a true trooper when coming along on our daily escapades! Yes, there are sleepless nights or times where my patience is tested, but nothing would ever beat the joy that your very own child brings you every day.

Grazia: How do you end up balancing work and family life now after the arrival of Dua? Any tips for new moms? or moms-to-be?
Diipa: One of the perks of my job is being able to be in a comfortable environment most of the time, whether it be our office, home setting or travelling, our Dua tags along with us, which is comforting to know we don’t have to be apart. As much as your job is important, precious moments with your family are irreplaceable, so finding that balance is key. After Dua’s arrival, I have managed to dedicate more time to my family and I find myself truly appreciating every second of it.
Advice for new moms or moms-to-be: It’s okay to not know what you’re doing yet! You will figure it out eventually. Motherhood isn’t something you can study and get degree in, it’s something you naturally develop over time and experience. So, give yourself a break if you hit a dead-end somewhere along the lane, you will overcome this just as every other obstacle you’ve managed to beat. Another important thing to remember is to show your body some love and not expect it to ‘bounce back’ after giving birth! Your body has been through so many unfamiliar changes, it deserves all the respect and love for keeping both you and your baby safe!

Grazia: Describe yourself in 3 words. Who really is Diipa Khosla?
Diipa: Family-orientated. Ambitious. Activist.

Grazia: With so many aspiring influencers now, what is the one advice you’d like to give to them?
Diipa: Genuine advice I’d offer to any individual that has the ambition to be a content creator is to stay true to yourself and to the content you’re passionate about creating. The world is literally your oyster, there are so many branches of creativity that you’re able to spring from, find something that truly inspires you to inspire others and go with it. Don’t lose yourself in the number of likes you receive or the following count on the top of your page, focus on the message you want to share and do it with your head up high, avoid getting lost in trends that aren’t representative of who you are. What I can say to any up-and-coming content creator, is that it takes dedication and consistency to grow a platform, if you have the right message and right focus, you can’t go wrong with a drive and passion!

Grazia: Describe your all-time favourite fashion style
Diipa: My all-time favourite fashion style would be mixing casual-elegance with a hint of a mysterious chic! The colour red is something that always draws my eye, including it in an outfit automatically makes me feel more confident. Something to add that I absolutely adore is the 90’s comeback!

Grazia: One fashion trend you do not like and one trend that you absolutely Love
Diipa: A trend that I’m not the biggest fan of would be mixing different patterns. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all there for loud colours and patterns, however mixing one’s that don’t match is no-go in my books. A trend that I’ve found myself loving lately is ‘Subversive basic’, a brand that presents basics but with really interesting cuts and patterns to elevate a casual outfit!

Grazia: Could you share your beauty skin care routine? Your skin is flawless!
Diipa: As everyone’s skin is different and reacts to different things, I can’t assure that sharing my routine may help everyone. However, what I recommend every routine should have is Vitamin C. Prior to my pregnancy, I used to use retinol (I don’t anymore as I am breastfeeding), so a good alternative would be Bakuchiol. I also use Niacinamide for that extra bit of hydration, as well as ferulic acid. Most importantly not to forget SPF !

Grazia: Some tips for a happy married life.
Diipa: I was fortunate enough to marry my best friend, someone who I trust and love. However, some tips I learnt along the way aren’t far from the cliches you hear being thrown around. There is so much truth in the saying that you have to fully trust your partner. You are partners for life and that comes with the responsibility of being present through thick and thin, understanding that you are there for them as much as they are there for you, is key to success in your marriage. Communication, love, compassion, fun and good memories are all elements that come with being in a marriage, and all of these elements need constant work!

Grazia: What are the 3 most important tips for success?
Diipa: First and foremost is to be honest with yourself. Know your capabilities but simultaneously allow yourself to exceed them with growth every single day. Only you know what you truly desire, so stop at no barrier to achieve your aspirations.Learn from your experience. Every day is a new day and a new chance to do better than you did yesterday. We all make mistakes along our journey, what makes you unique is how you turn your downfalls into a new pathway to success. Be committed enough to know that even if you make a mistake, you are still able to fix it and move on.
Do what you love and have fun with what you are committing your time to! There is no point in achieving something you never really wanted in the first place, instead aim your goals at accomplishments that will actually bring you happiness, during and after the journey.

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