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by Grazia


Men are beautiful and have ample of potential to show their beauty on camera. Men fashion is strong, believable and charismatic. Here are 11 different looks of the male models with their character and identity.

Makeup Artist and Stylist: Muhammad Talal Rehman
Tattoo Artist: Burhan Mehkari and Noori
Photographer: Murtaza Kaiser Khan
Creative Concept and Art direction:Muhammad Talal Rehman

1. Ameer Shah (Head of the Shine)

2. Faisal Khan (Grey Illusionist)

3. Arif Khan (Prince of Egypt)

4. Rehan Khan (Lord of Lights)

5. Tahir Khan (Ninja of Persia)

6. Danish Bangash (Mud Hero)

7. Faisal Raja (Jamaican King)

8. Rafay Mughal (The Dry)

9. Ibrahim Khan (The Wet)

10. Noman Khan (The Knight)

11. Saad Ali (Cheif of Colors)

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