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5 times Netflix blessed us with gorgeous male leads to binge-watch

by Aiiesha Khalid

With the world of cinema expanding in versatile ways with great plots that hold deep messages, sometimes our shallow sides just crave a little less. Sometimes all we need is aesthetically pleasing people blessing our screens. If you are looking to give your mind a break from all the thought-provoking screen time and want to give your sore eyes a sight. These are the five releases on Netflix that might help.

The reason the world is running out of attractive people is because half of them are on the sets of ‘Elite’ and well, the other half once worked for ‘Gossip Girl’. Aron Piper who plays ‘Ander’ could wear a tutu and make it look hot.

Other reasons to watch the show include; Jorge Lopez who plays the sweetheart ‘Valerio’, ‘Polo’ played by Alvaro Rico, whose aesthetic compensates for his personality. Love struck ‘Guzman’ played by Miguel Bernardeau.
Oh, and Money Heist fans did we forget to mention? Elite presents you with; ‘Christian’ the teenage version of the world’s favourite thief Rio played by Miguel Herran. Need we say more.

Outer banks
Think surfer, then think hot surfer, then think hot surfer with mystery and you have ‘John B’ from ‘Outer Banks’. John B’s character is played by Chase Stokes, and how could anything starring Chase Stokes not have it made to this list. Let’s just put it this way, his blond waves and tanned 6 ft body is reason enough to binge-watch this show this very weekend.

Dark desire
Now we may not understand a word they say in this Mexican thriller but honestly who’s even listening when its tanned male lead takes over our screens.
Dark Desire stars Alejandro Speitzer as ‘Dario’. Half of its viewers undeniably might not be loyal to the show but Dario himself. So, who cares if he’s a psycho stalker, he is good to look at, and given the creeps that slide into our dms, at least Dario has got the bod for it.

You know how every time we enter Hollister there’s a new edition to the staff, and you just know it’s going to be a good day? Well Riverdale is the show version of that Hollister.

Remember ‘Cody’ from ‘Sweet Life of Zac and Cody’? Take it from us, he’s not that sweet anymore. This show casts Cole Sprouse as ‘Jughead’, a character that definitely gets our hearts racing and whoever once believed gingers couldn’t be hot, Archie played by KJ Apa, made them believe otherwise. The male leads in this show to say the least, are a sight for sore eyes like Charles Melton as ‘Reggie’.

I mean for Christ’s sake, even the dads are like God’s blessing on our moms, starring the late heart throb Luke Perry, Skeet Ulrich and Mark Consuelo while it also featured our pre-teen crush Chad Michael Murray in a guest appearance.

Work it
We couldn’t get enough of Marco, when the sequel to ‘All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ aired. We all prayed we got some more, and I guess god listened. This week Netflix came out with the movie ‘Work It’, starring Jordan Fisher as ‘Jake Taylor’. We may or may not be watching it for the dance sequences, but we sure as hell will be watching it for him.

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