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Summer Vibes in Matching Separates

by Harras Wasim

Catching up in a time where life has slowed down, an exciting proposition is silently carrying out as an underdog to statement fashion. Though never in the spot light for too long and stepping in and out of fashion weeks, matching separates is the back bencher trend gradually climbing back to its former glory and we hope for it to stay this summer.

Be it printed, stripped, embellished or just plain solids; we love a pair of matching separates strolling down the streets with their effortless chic and those uber-vintage vibes this summer. Across continents, creeds and cultures; matching separates have come to be that one ensemble that has marked itself as the garment unifying communities to a single visualisation.

In Pakistan, matching separates are more popular amongst men in the form of the traditional Shalwar Kameez. This has long been the trend in the country’s clothing scene as a monochromic solid coloured entity.
Though not much has changed in the realm of traditional menswear, womenswear has being taking new leaps and bounds every year. Till the late 90s and even to the mid of this decade, matching separates were the go to wardrobe in women’s fashion but gradually declined with the inception of prints, embroideries and the commercial lawn industry. However, recently many Pakistani retail fashion brands have made these lost identities a perfect fit in today’s fashion by infusing them with a sense of practicality and individualism.

Matching separates not only are the perfect outfit for casual daily wear but given the fact that the amp up the chicness given the colour and cuts, the ensembles can also very well be worn as semi-formal to even formal wear.
While the co-ord trend is gradually rising on the local scene, international fashion has always had an inclination towards the trend for designers and brands who go for fuss-free and simpler yet stylish collections. Lux fabrications with intertwined snub yarns, delicate embroideries and a bold use of color have taken this simple top-pant duo to a much more elevated level.
Several major international brands have also showcased sets of matching separates as part of their spring summer or fall 2020 collections including the likes of Chanel, Hermes, Lacoste, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Saint Laurent and Chloe.

Similarly, Gucci channeled its 70s era out on the runway with its iconic print spread throughout its neatly structured jackets and flare pants. Though with the idea of matching separates, the sky is the limit with just one simple rule to have a uniform color flow from top to bottom; it’s good to see everything is kept simple and crisp.
On the other hand, Marc Jacobs has added a mellower note to the trend with sublime shades of cream and neutral tones rushed with distinctive contrast to add an extra element of dimension to their take of the iconic separates.
In this whole axiom, one can clearly tell that creativity has now managed to flourish even where solidity prevails and where there is less space to innovate, design can play a little more.

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