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10 Best TV Shows of 2020

by Subul Khan

2020 witnessed some of the greatest shows of all time, indeed a need of the moment catered to well!

While stress kept adding up in our lives in the era of this pandemic, 2020 saw some of the best shows of all time, taking our minds off for good bit of time. We have listed some of the best shows that released in 2020 so that you are sorted for your last round of the year.

Queens Gambit

The critically claimed Netflix mini-series is an adaptation of Walter Tevis’s novel of the same, is a period drama featuring a stellar cast. The story runs around the life of an orphan girl, Beth Harmon who is also a chess prodigy but is subjected to tranquilizers and drug addiction after a tragedy occurs. The show gains momentum as Beth longs to become the world’s best chess champion and enters a chess tournament with no competitive experience while also continues to battle with her addiction.

Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes, a girl in her teens and sister to Sherlock Holmes, finds out about her mother being missing on the morning of her 16th birthday. Series of events lead her to be prepared to find her mother unravelling her detective skills better than her brother. After several incidents and clues Enola discovers a shocking mysterious runaway lord. If you are into mysteries, this one’s tailor made for you. To keep you involved in the show apart from the appealing story, the cast featuring Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavil and Louis Partridge will keep you glued to the show.

Emily in Paris

As Emily, a career driven and beautiful girl in her twenty’s takes on a job in Paris, at marketing firm to bring an American perspective to the organization, try to settle in the new city maintaining but more so struggling to maintain and develop her career, friendship and love life, all at once. Well the story might not do enough for you, the stellar cast consisting of  Lilly Collins, Kate Walsh, Lucas Bravo, Ashley Park and many more sure will make you wanna binge watch the show. A definite must watch from us!


Set in Karachi, a story revolving around 4 women, a perfect housewife, a wedding planner, a boxer and an ex-convict; set out to catch dishonest and cheating husbands after one of them finds out that they are being cheated on. They run the catch-the-cheater-husbands agency under the name of guise of a burka company until one of them disappears and they are alarmed by what they find looking for her. What makes the show even more of a fan favorite is the outstanding cast of Sarwat Gillani, Nimra Bucha, Meherbano and Yasra Rizvi, along with a host of Pakistan’s finest actors.

Never Have I Ever

Based on a real life story of Mindy Kaling, Never Have I Ever revolves around the life of a 15 years old Indian girl who tries to adjust with blending in the very new to her, American culture, trying to grow her social circle, making friends, dealing with her family and love life all while also trying her best to recover from a tragedy in her life that took place some while back.

A Suitable Boy

Set in the India of 1951, A Suitable Boy revolves around the lives of four big families and their stories. Not only does it focuses on the lives of those families but explores India set in the 1950s, its diverse culture shortly after partition. Directed by Mira Nair, this adaptation of Vikram Seth’s novel also captures the life of a young literature student who juggles between her responsibilities and love life. The story is very well portrayed owing to the spellbinding amazing performances by Tabu, Tania Mankitala, Ishaan Khattar and Danesh Rizvi.


As the name says, Hollywood is a show based on a group of aspiring directors in the Hollywood post world-war ll, and they are all for making it big without a care of anything else. The show features an ensemble stellar cast and has been received very well by the audiences. The very encapsulating story features an even brilliant cast comprising on Jim Parsons, Samara Weaving, David Corenswet, Darren Criss and Laura Harrier.


The Mawra Hocane and Sarah Khan starrer is a story revolving around the lives of two very well-to-do siblings, Miral, the arrogant, bossy and somewhat psychotic boss and Hasan, the bright mind brother who falls in love with Anaya. Anaya who belongs to a middle class family, aims to make her parents proud with her success but after marrying Hasan, faces all sorts of hardships courtesy his sister. The drama also stars Ameer Gilani and Usman Mukhtar paired opposite the leading ladies.

Normal People

An Irish TV series and adaptation of the book, puts forward the lives and relationship of Marianne and Connell as they evolve from childhood towards the end of their secondary and the new phase of college undergraduates. The series shows Marianne’s rather complicated life with her mother and brother and the constant bullying while Connell, a popular guy at school living with his mother. The story unravels as the complications in their relationship begin to increase.

Mental hood

To all those moms juggling between work and raising kids, this one is a major relate for you. Meira, an Indian working mom, sorts her ways to maintain a healthy balance between work and raising her kids. To make it all super interesting she also writes to communicate with other mothers of her sort! Mental hood marks Karisma Kapoor, the ultimate 90s Bollywood diva’s debut on the online streaming platforms alongside starring Shruti Seth, Sandhya Mridul and Dino Morea.

With that, happy watching and let us know your top picks of 2020!

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