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Tasha Tah – making the world dance to her tunes

by Grazia

The urban Punjabi music queen graces our cover this issue! We get up close and personal with this talented star!

Creative Direction: Kaniz Ali
Photography: OMJ
Hair/MakeUp/Styling: Kaniz Ali assisted by Allana Ayah
Wardrobe/Outfits: Amoraimani
Jewellery: Nims Boutique
Location: London

Grazia: What inspired you into entering a career in music/singing?
Tasha: I am very fortunate to come from a musical family surrounded by singers, poets, and writers. It felt very natural to me to put pen to paper and write songs. A part of me would definitely say it is in the blood but of course, my parents have been the biggest influence in my life. My father was an actor and singer and my mother is a poet, writer, and journalist. I really got the best guidance from both sides and that support is what has bought me here.

Grazia: What was your background before that?
Tasha: Coming from a musical family, it has always been music and entertainment. My father had a record label and was heavily affiliated with T-Series in India. There were always celebrities and stars in our house. The Tah household was one big party and there was never a dull moment. I would say I feel so fortunate and blessed to have had a childhood like mine. However, my parents were still big on education and insisted I got a degree, which I did in Finance.

Grazia: What is your dream wedding look?
Tasha: I love to keep my hair down, it is how I am most comfortable and I think I would be more of a contemporary bride rather than traditional. It is more my vibe. With makeup, I will always go dewy peach on the foundation, heavier on the eyes and a pinky nude lip. It suits me the most.

Grazia: What is your favorite makeup product and why?
Tasha: I have such a wide variety of makeup and I do change it up once in a while. However, my must haves are:

Estée Lauder – Advanced Night Repair (this gets my skin ready for heavy or light make up for the next day, works wonders on keeping my skin smooth and supple).
Too Faced – Born this way foundation. I am absolutely in love with their foundation, it is not too heavy or light but gives me just the right amount of coverage for any occasion. It is flawless and creates the best canvas to apply the rest of my makeup.
MAC Cosmetics – Melba Blusher. This is the only blusher I will use in my life, off and on stage. It is a peach dewy color and always makes me look fresh. I wear it in all my music videos and even if I am on a beach. It is my absolute go-to beauty product.
Bobbi Brown – Smokey Eye Mascara. This mascara always gives me a bright open eye look.
Tom Ford Beauty – Brow Sculptor. It gets my brows looking on-point. It gives a natural and heavier brow compared to other brands.
BECCA Cosmetics – Under Eye brightening. For me how you look under the eyes gives away a lot and can be the difference between looking over-worked and tired or bright and breezy. No matter how I am feeling this undereye brightening is perfect to give me a wide-awake look like I  have had 12 hours of sleep.
Clinique – Blended Face powder & Brush. It is just a simple loose powder that is good for all skin types and can be used causally on top of any foundation or just as it is. It covers my pores without clogging them.
Smashbox – The Cali Contour Palette. I can not leave the house without this, it gives the most natural contour lift to your face without being too harsh. I already have strong features so I need a contour palette to enhance what I have rather than to create it.

Grazia: What is the best advice you can give to any female artist starting off in the music industry?
Tasha: Make sure you do your business homework. I was so naïve when I started out and trusted everyone. When you are writing songs and music, they are your gems and must be protected. No one should claim your hard work and if something becomes a success you should be earning from it. Also, the obvious advice I would give is to never give up on your dreams, everyone’s journey is different so do not let someone’s idea of normal become yours.

Grazia: How long have you been singing? And how long have you been in the game of music professionally?
Tasha: I have been singing professionally for around 10 years now, where has the time gone? It has been amazing and the fact that my songs have remained current and I still get to do what I love is nothing but a blessing. I am truly thankful to the Almighty every day.

Grazia: Tell us some qualities you look for in your ideal man.
Tasha: I love a man I can respect and who has his own ambitions and career. That is attractive to me. I know I can be a little intimidating with my line of work but he needs to be able to hold his own ground. And of course, a gentleman, caring and funny. I love to laugh!

Grazia: What would be your ideal wedding?
Tasha: My dream wedding would be intimate, maybe on a yacht in Dubai with beautiful scenery. I would certainly have pastel shades, blush pinks, and white as the theme. Very clean, bright, and fresh. A wedding for me is a union more than anything but the after-party will obviously be a mad one, Tasha Tah style.

Grazia: Tell us your first memory of applying makeup.
Tasha: Lipliner! I was always copying my sister and she would do the 90’s look with brown lip liner and a nude lipstick inside. I still like to rock that look once in a while.

Grazia: Kaniz was your go-to for makeup and styling for your cover story with us. What is it that you love most about Kaniz doing your makeup?
Tasha: Kaniz is simply a magician. She truly understands the basics. She knows that not the same style of makeup suits everyone and works with your skin, face shape, and bone structure. It is absolutely flawless! She is my go-to makeup artist who makes me look and feel like a million dollars! 

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