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On Our Radar : Talal Rahman & Murtaza Kaiser

by Nashmia Amir Butt

Grazia Pakistan sat down with the extremely talented men in the industry, Talal Rahman and Murtaza Kaiser. We got to know them a little better and see their work up close!

Grazia: What Influences you?
Talal Rahman: Anything that looks different from the ordinary.

Grazia: How did you decide to become a Choreographer? Was it something you always wanted to do or is it something that just naturally happened?
Talal Rahman: Well, dance has always been my true love, since the very beginning. Music has always had a way to get me on my feet. It doesnt matter where I am, when I hear the sound of music, I jump up on my feet and groove to the beats. I am extremely lucky that I have always been supported by my family and friends. I have a fantastic support group who have appreciated and applauded my talent. So to word it perfectly, my hobby and passion eventually turned into my profession… totally unplanned.

Grazia: How did you make the transition towards the fashion world? Was becoming an Art Director always part of the plan?
Talal Rahman: No, it was never a part of the plan. i was just really fascinated by the fashion trends that keep changing and evolving. It was pretty natural for me, whatever I tend to wear it blends well together and people notice it. I chose to venture into art direction because I truly believe fashion for me is something that has no boundries and things that I want to bring in style need a platform for the entire society  to see and witness.

Grazia: What are the key things that you feel are important when you are planning an editorial? What inspires you?
Talal Rahman: Subject, idea and model – the three very important aspects of an editorial for me and then the PRODUCT. I usually make editorials where the models explain details of the actual cause in the picture, they have to act out or be loud on the camera convincing all the viewers to believe what the shoot is about. It isnt just all about posing and fashion. I choose characters that make a statement, they take a stand in the frame and set my creativity on fire!

Grazia: Tell us who Talal Rehman is in a few words?
Talal Rahman: People know me as a Choreographer and I am extremely proud of the hard work I have put in to gain the acknowledgement. I am: Creative – Impactful – Extravagant

Murtaza Kaiser Khan is a Media course graduate from Iqra University. He started his journey as a photographer when he had no idea what to do. “I made up my mind to play with this gadget when i realized it creates extra ordinary pictures with the help of my knowledge. I fell in love with the camera and it took me to U.A.E, Dubai. I worked there for about 6-7 years as a professional photographer doing multiple events plus food photography.”

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