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Kaniz Ali – Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist

by Grazia

Multi award winning, celebrity make up artist Kaniz Ali is someone who’s work we have been in awe with for a quite some time!

In this sizzling interview Kaniz opens exclusively to Grazia

Celebrity Make Up Artist glamming up Pakistani Supermodel Fouzia Aman

Celebrity Make Up Artist Kaniz Ali glamming up Pakistani Actress Armeena Khan

An internationally renowned role model Kaniz Ali has sealed her position as a life long trendsetter in the beauty scene and is one of the most influential and inspiring make up artists of our time. Passionate and focused she has redefined what it means to be a make up artist. The British Bangladeshi make up artist born and raised in the heart of London, UK has gone from strength to strength in her 13 years of entering a cut throat industry making her a game changer in the world of glitz and glam. Her portfolio holds several awards and a whooping 35 international magazine front covers working with a list of high profile celebrities across the globe, including making up and styling Kareena Kapoor Khan, Parineeti Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Urvashi Rautela, Faryal Makhdoom Amy Jackson, Armeena Khan and the list goes on – yet Kaniz remains incredibly down to earth and humble.

Kaniz’s skills not only range from painting faces in the fashion industry but she enjoys making up real brides.

“I absolutely love getting my brides ready for there big day, it’s an exciting time and a real honour for me to be a part of there very special day”.
She also runs a prestigious make up academy in London teaching aspiring make up artists and in her spare time Kaniz spends time war torn countries working in refugee camps providing aid and giving back.

What are your favourite beauty products that you adore?
Kaniz: “ Aaaah that’s a hard one!! It probably has to be:
Huda Beauty’s Full Coverage Concealer, it gives great coverage.
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation fantastic for building and creating different coverages from medium to heavy depending what you are feeling like on the day.
Bobbi Brown & Kilian Lipsticks because they are long lasting and great on variation of colours.
Smashbox Eyeliners it’s great with the intensity of black and also long lasting.
Clinique’s Chubby Contour Stick fantastic to blend and amazing to create soft looks and intense looks.

What are the pros and cons in working in the beauty industry?
Kaniz: “For me there are definitely more pros than cons, one of the pros for myself is definitely being my own boss. The management side is fantastic, you have complete control of your direction and company ethic. Even something as simple as being able to choose which shoots I would like to take part in and working around my own timetable is extremely liberating.
The beauty of being an international make up artist is that you can branch off into different fields; which can include commercial, bridal, editorial or fashion; with make up your clientale is always different. One day I might be working on a front cover shoot styling and glamming a Bollywood actress and the next day I would be getting my stunning bride ready for her big day, the following day I could be teaching my aspiring artists at my training school. It definitely does keep my week interesting and no one day is ever the same as the next. The beauty of is it that you are working with different people, different cultures, different religions and I love that!

Your a woman who has her hand in every pie as the saying goes! What inspired you try other things?
Kaniz: Being a make up artist and a beauty editor for various different publications is definitely a huge part of my life but I’ve always been a believer your only young once you should do what you love and there’s no harm in trying other things. For me aside from the beauty industry, I love volunteering in war torn countries providing aid on the ground to the most needy. I believe in giving back and using my platform to raise awareness of what is happening in the world. I think it’s important to be true to yourself first and foremost and I believe giving back is so important.
Being a volunteer humanitarian aid worker keeps me grounded and most importantly really makes me appreciate and love the life that I have. It’s a nice balance between the two.

If Kaniz Ali could be someone else for a day who would she be?
Kaniz: I’d still be me {hahaha} I love my life Alhamdullilah. I’ve always been a believer from a young age, work hard and make the life that you want to live – fun and amazing that you never want to be anyone else! God has blessed us all with a gift we just need time to figure out what it is. Embrace in your own niqueness and fall in love in love with it every day.

British Actress-Amy Jackson glammed up by Celebrity Make Up Artist Kaniz Ali

Celebrity Make Up Artist glamming up Pakistani Actress Sadia Khan

What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?
Kaniz: “Aaah that’s a hard one as I’m a globe trotter and love most places ! In Europe it has to be Santorini, its a stunning island, scenic atmosphere is amazing, it’s calm and I love being near water. City wise I would have to say Istanbul, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been it’s been that many times. I love the Turkish culture, I love the Islamic history there, there’s a mosque in every corner which is great if you are out and it’s prayer time and I have huge love for mosques. People are amazing. I love travelling to the UAE every year, Dubai & Abu Dhabi is like home to me. I also love travelling to Bangladesh I love the hustle bustle, the food is super delicious and the atmosphere is great.

What does Kaniz Ali look for in her future husband?
Kaniz: {hahaha} that’s a good one! Someone caring, kind, and easy going. I’m free spirit and ambitious so someone who compliments it.

What’s your favourite type of food?
Kaniz: “Anything with spice in it. I love spicy food, with chillies in. If there’s no chillies I can’t eat it. You’ll literally see me asking for my food to always be extra spicy. It’s the Bengali in me I say {haha}.

Your best friend is…?
Kaniz: “Caffeine – because my brain does not function without it and my Surah Book because it’s easy, compact and I’m a huge believer of keeping the Duniya / Akhirah balance”.

What’s the best advice you would give to someone who inspired to become a make up artist?
Kaniz: “Work hard, don’t give up if you get rejected from any projects remember rejection does not mean you are not good enough, do not be disheartened. We now live in an era where social media has taken over so really make the most of it – It’s free advertising, put your work on there and remember dreams happen when you never give up on yourself, so do not give up easily.

On the ground distributing food aid in the Syrian Refugee Camps on the borders of Syria and lebanon.

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