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Ideas All-new Men’s Perfume Range

by Grazia

Ideas has been our go to brand for all our fashion needs, be it for our clothing, our home accessories, bedding, bath linen, bags, shoes and kids clothing. And now the good news is that Ideas is launching its own line of perfumes. These fragrances have unique scents, durability and economic pricing. Ideas has always given us the best in terms of quality and durability, choice and affordability and they are offering the same in their range of perfumes.

We are sharing some of our favorites from their men’s perfume range with you below:

This perfume is for the man who is a leader; someone who knows where he is heading and is determined in his ways. This is a powerful perfume for the powerful man. This fragrance is the perfect choice of a man who knows what is required to achieve for what he has in mind. This perfume falls under the category of Chypre leathery and oriental. The top fragrance that is prominent is that of pepper followed by violet and orris, whereas the base is that of cypress making it an all-rounder perfume. This is a perfect gift choice to make the man in your life feel loved, valued and appreciated. It is available in a 100 ml bottle.

We are sure you will fall in love with this perfume the moment you use it for the first time. It is a mild perfume which will keep you fresh all day. This perfume is of woody aquatic green category which gives it its distinct aroma. Its base is of amber, cedarwood, incense, suede. It is a must have this season if you strive for nothing else but the best! This makes an ideal gift for your loved ones as well. It is available in a 100 ml bottle.

This perfume comes under the category of fresh aromatic. It stays for a long time and gives the feel of energy to the wearer. It is a truly masculine fragrance which is made to stay for long. The top notes are that of lemon and orange along with black pepper; giving it a feel of fresh start. The heart of this fragrance is Muguet which is another favorite of men across the globe whereas the base is a beautiful combination of amber, vanilla and musk. This perfume is ideal for the times you are heading out for an important meeting and would like to leave an impression.

This perfume is for men who are on their way to achieve their dreams. They have a clear vision as to what they want from life and have planned how to reach their destination. This perfume sets your mood to start your day on the right note. The top note is that of bergamot and ginger which slowly moves to the heart of the fragrance being Jasmine tea. The masculine touch is further enhanced by cedarwood and amber-wood being the base of this perfume.

Here is a strong perfume for the stronger men both in will and spirit. This perfume comes under the family of Amber Fougene. It is for those men who lead the way, who are looked upon and admired for their excellent choices in life. The base of this perfume is that of chestnut, vanilla and cedar which gives it a lasting touch. It makes an ideal gift for the men you admire in your life and look up to for guidance.

After reading this article we are sure you will head towards the Ideas store near you or buy these perfumes online from www.gulahmedshop.com You can order them online as well; delivery is FREE on orders of Rs 2000 and more.

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