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Free Fire X Karachi | – We are survivors Pakistan Tour

by Grazia

We all have come across people telling us that studying is the only thing that will get us to move forward in future. This is why parents force children to give up on their interests and pursue a proper, ideally a conventional career.

It’s time for parents to ditch the cynicism and start embracing the positive side of raising children who have expressed an interest in Mobile games. More than ever, there are serious career pathways for people who like to play games — whether it’s in development and design, competitive gaming, or streaming on sites like Twitch and YouTube.

Free Fire took Karachi by storm introducing exciting games with amazing prizes like iPads, Wireless Earphones, JBL speakers and much more. Exciting games were introduced which included Sharp Shooter, Run to Win, Emote Battle, Lucky Draw & Free Fire Stories. The Winners – Soul Breakerz received a cash prize of 350,000 PKR

Free Fire has been the new talk of the town, it has become one of the most downloaded battle Royale games around the world. Karachi was targeted first at Lucky One Mall. Free Fire gathered a huge crowd on Sunday. Exciting games were played through out. We saw children & young adults of different age groups interacting in different ways. Families came out to support their children in various activities.

Free Fire has executed this event in Karachi brilliantly. We’re just too excited to see how other cities will respond. The games are interactive and fun! The crowd absolutely loved the activities carried out by the Free Fire Team.

Next Stop:
Peshawar – 4th November
Islamabad – 7th November
Lahore – 14th November

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So, Peshawar! Are You Readyy???

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