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Dulux paints launched a new and remarkable programme Dulux Assurance

by Grazia

Constructing or reconstructing a building involves plenty of things to be considered, but if you have failed to select a perfect paint brand that offers high-quality paints then it can terribly damage the interior and exterior of any building, causing problems in the long run.

Paint has various roles, the primary job is to add an attractive look, and any building can easily be transformed by choosing a right paint brand. There are several other characteristics of a high-end paint brand such as:

  • Providing protection against extreme environmental conditions 
  • An appearance of a high quality paint is way more smooth
  • A good quality paint adds up to the value of a property  
  • It consists of good amount of pigment, which improves the durability and lasts longer. A good pigment also protects the building from ultra-violet radiations 
  • Water cannot be absorbed in supreme quality paints
  • These paints can be maintained comfortably as it prevents dirt accumulation
  • It helps in preventing mold growth in our homes

A brand that comes to our minds when we think about the above-mentioned factors is DULUX, a name that has maintained its standard for over 85 years. The brand was launched in 1931 by AkzoNobel and is known to be one of the biggest corporations of paint and coating. It has always prioritized the interest of its customers, succeeded in satisfying their expectations. The key element, which makes Dulux admirable, is that it has never compromised on providing finest products globally. Their products are manufactured with high-quality materials to provide the best and unmatched standards of paint. Dulux has ensured quality consistently as it has a compelling perspective of offering first-grade products.

Dulux has given desirable results to its consumers all these years, gratifying them throughout. Considering the interest, benefits of its customers and to facilitate them, the brand has recently come up with an appealing customer satisfaction program, ‘The Dulux Assurance’, that gives more importance and benefits to its buyers.

With this program the brand is giving their customers an advantage of changing the product if in any case the product they have selected doesn’t match their preferable standards. A new, unique and remarkable customer care service where the buyer has a right to replace what they have bought if they have issues with the texture, colour, smoothness, uniform finish and coverage of the paint. They can simply do a claim under this program, and a voucher for replacing a product will reach to them within the 7 working days. The company has assured that it will replace the product for free if by any chance the product is not delivered as claimed. In order to contact Dulux, the company has provided a Helpline Number, Facebook, Whatsapp and a Website to reach out to them as early as possible.

  • Helpline – 0800-38589
  • WhatsApp – 0300-0138589
  • Website – dulux.com.pk

Dulux is determined to cater to their customers in unique and fulfilling ways. Dulux Ka Waada is a brand promise that is true to its word.

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