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5 Shoes Every Woman Should Own A Pair Of In 2022!

by Pakhi Rajesh Kumar Dixit

Apart from being a tool for covering the feet, shoes have always been associated as a symbol of style. Over time there has been an evolution in fashion and trends in women's wear whichmade shoes more than just an accessory to wear with a dress but rather a unique lifestyle defining gear. It is believed that shoes help in depicting an individual's personality. And it’s very important to have a few staples set in your closet too, just in case you desperately need one to put on. It’s precisely like when your car has run out of fuel, and you’re forced to carry on with only three quarters of a tank.

Here are 5 musts every woman should own a pair of in 2022, to save the day!

When one door closes, a shoebox opens.”
– Carrie Bradshaw

Classic Loafers
There are many types of shoes designed to cater to the many tastes out there. One shoelace-less classic is the loafer, which has been giving us all kinds of nostalgia. Loafers provide a very classy, put-together feel and can take one from day to night seamlessly depending on what you match them with. They add a bit of sophistication to any outfit and are fabulous for ladies who enjoy walking in flats. If you’re new to wearing loafers, we suggest getting a black pair first because it’s easy to dress up or down; but if your closet already has some variety in terms of colour, it may be worthwhile to opt for some fun options!

Strappy Sandals
A good pair of strappy sandals will offer you years of wear! They’re a dressier alternative to flip-flops, meaning you can wear them ‘out and about’ rather than limiting yourself to wearing them only on vacation. In addition to the shoes themselves, a strappy sandal also works with whatever is in your closet: jeans, skirts, or dresses! A great pair is always wearable and fun, so whether you need a little change for every day or something pretty for a night out in the town, strappy sandals are one of the best items for your wardrobe.

Knee High Boots
For an outfit that will stay in trend all year long, there’s nothing better than wearing a pair of knee-high boots, just not too terribly high (we all know the pain of walking in shoes that bore holes through the backs of our heels). These can be paired with your favourite black leather leggings for work or with any number of above-the-knee dresses come summer. Clean, flattering and ever chic – these are a style you’ll still love next year. Want to make sure you have an investment piece that will last? A good way to ensure both this and the fact that they’re up to date is to choose a pair made from either leather or suede.

Sporty Sneakers
For when you just don’t feel like putting on your favourite pair of Jimmy Choo’s but know you need to go out and do some errands and want to look good while doing so? Get yourself a pair of sporty, casual sneakers! If there’s one item that will always be in style, it’s sneakers. The colours, patterns and materials used for making them vary from season to season but the one thing that stays consistent is the comfort. Having a neutral colour is the way to go because it’s easy to pair with everything from jeans to a dress. Some sneakers may very well go with everything! So, it’s up to you and how you feel that day—the possibilities for shoe combinations are endless!

Nude Heels
For events where you don’t want to go overboard or want to have an evening out with the girls and want a little extra height or a bit more sophistication but still stand out from the crowd, a pair of classic heels is the solution. They instantly make you feel good, no matter where you’re headed, which is your rite of passage as a woman. Even with a great pair of nude pumps on your shoe rack, you’re likely to have events pop up here and there where you want a heel that offers something extra even if you aren’t a true fashionista, wear your favourite statement heel! They add an extra touch of something special to any outfit and help make you look like you’re ready for anything.

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