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3 ways to stripe it right

by Grazia

3 ways to stripe it right

While some trends remain all the rage each season, stripes get usually overlooked however after making a big comeback in 2018, we see many ‘striping it’ this summer.

While polka dots and animal prints get all the attention from the fashion folks, a certain other trend that has seamlessly transitioned over years and seasons seems to get neglected. The trend in question being, stripes. Stipes although get overlooked as a more stylish or chic trend actually compliments every body type more than many other styles provided that you ‘stripe it right’ and that also happens to be a big reason why many people stay away from working their lines.

We agree styling a striped dress or even a top might not be easy because do it wrong an you may end up looking like you are wearing a prison costume, however there are one too many ways you can work the trend and look your uber chic best.

Before we move on with your style guide, there are two important things to know about the types of stripes. Vertical stripes — the most commonly worn, they give your body length and slimness while Horizontal stripes make you look broader, so when picking out a striped outfit you should consider your body type and make your purchase accordingly.


The easiest and simplest way to work stripes is wear a striped jumpsuit which gives your body an extra length but also makes the outfit look more modern.

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A striped jumpsuit doesn’t necessarily have to be monochrome, which you may actually want to avoid in case you end up looking like a mime but colourful stripes or neutral stripes on a coloured base should be your go to choice.

Majestriped jumpsuit
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Summer dress

Of course we can’t talk about dressing up for summers without bringing in a nice, cute and funky summer dress. Summer dresses although are more of a beach wear have recently been spotted worn around town courtesy some uber fashionable styling by many celebrities around the world.

Hermes Resort19

While we stressed on vertical stripes above, horizontal stripes can work just fine for a summer dress and so would so colourful chunky lines and even a little zig and zag. The big stripes would add a touch of laidback style to the outfit something you would need when try to cope with the heat.

FigueBria tasseled printed mini dress


Either go for matching separates or pair up a striped piece with something print or denim, you are good to go either way. A classic striped shirt over a pair of pants always works the best for a more semi-formal look while mixing up prints is a safe bet when heading out around town for a shopping spree or just a day out with the girls.

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