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Working Out Shouldn’t Be Hard: 4 Tips To Help You When It’s The Last Thing You Want To Do!

by Pakhi Rajesh Kumar Dixit

There are only 20% of people on this planet who genuinely like to work out. Well, for the rest of us, our daily routines are just way too taxing to even think of working out in a regime sort of way. Undoubtedly, exercise is important for various reasons, but it is hard; hard to stick to a routine, to drag yourself to the gym every day when instead you could just do a movie marathon. If you are one of those who abhor any sort of exercise yet know that working out will keep your body ‘working’ for the long run and are unable to hold on to anything, or are unmotivated to tone up even when you have to (unmotivated because, well, not everyone is lazy), here are 4 tips to help you if working out is the last thing you want to do, also if it is genuinely the last thing you want to do because of a packed schedule.

Visualize your ideal body

As cliché as it sounds, visualization does help oomph up your motivation. When you are free or even remotely close to being free or are running mindless errands not involving much agility, try to think of how your body would have felt if it was more strong, more resilient, and more toned, in that exact moment! How would you have felt if you were swifter and quicker? Imagine your future self in the body form you would like and imagine all the benefits your future self draws from being more physically healthy. Try to have a conversation. Let yourself convince you that working out is a basic need just like eating.

Scroll through Instagram

This might come off as somewhat weird advice for many because social media fuels our insecurities but scrolling through Instagram or following health and wellness influencers might help you. People who are in the fitness industry frequently share their regimes which for the most part are not hard to follow. Go through some before and after pictures of your favorite celebrities if you can get your hands on them for a little dash of celeb motivation. And remember that working out is not just for you to cut down on weight or have a perfect figure (because no one has a perfect figure – your genes play a huge role). It surely is helpful when it comes to shedding a few kgs but most importantly it is about building strength, so you don’t have to pant every time you drag yourself through those stairs.

Make short sessions count!

Try to combine cardio and strength training together. There are a lot of YouTube videos with home tutorials and easy exercises which do not consume a lot of time and make your body work as hard in 15 minutes as it would have done in 30. Start with baby steps. You don’t have to work out for long periods at a stretch and it is also not good to give in all in one go because your body needs time to adapt. You would not want to end up feeling sore all over and then never ever try again. Walk and jog, don’t just walk; brisk walk while talking with friends; take short breaks in between your tasks and stretch your muscles; do Jump-ups before an important meeting. Anything that could bring some movement to your body works. Blood flow is important to keep your connective tissues alive and working. And how do you help your body with blood flow? Well, YOU MOVE!

Love yourself!

True to the word – no one will love or understand your body the way you do! Even if you are not where you want to be right now, you don’t have to shower hatred on yourself when you face the mirror. You might not know this, but your body keeps score of emotions. Have you ever gone through a very stressful phase in your life and then realized that you have suddenly gained or lost weight according to your emotional state? Your bodily changes are because of your body’s own ingrained tracking system. Try to thank your body even if it is hard for you because in all reality it is the only home you will forever stay in. There is no leaving and deciding on a different one. Reward yourself for small achievements. You will feel more strength subconsciously when you exercise with intent rather than running on a treadmill without knowing what you want out of it.

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