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Top 5 picks: What these celebs were up to this week in lockdown

by Saad Sarosh

It’s been more than a month since the country has been put under a lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak and yes, our lives aren’t the same anymore. With everyone finding new activities or just Netflix to keep them occupied, we have picked out five celebrities who made the best use of their time in quarantine.

We finally know the secret behind the supermodel’s perfect figure. Fouzia Aman shared her fitness regime with her followers, posting several pictures of her yoga routine that included some very difficult postures but she made them look effortless.

Everything’s fair in love and lockdown, and Nimra Khan definitely proved that. The television starlet surprised her fans with news of her Nikkah in an intimate ceremony and shared some beautiful images of the new couple — showing that such events can be kept quiet and simple.

Acing yet another trait, the plastic surgeon, actor is also a sculptor. Fahad who had been working on an ambitious project since the past few weeks, shared his finished masterpiece on his Instagram profile and we were amazed.  The sculpture depicted a woman coming out of water.

Although she may found herself in hot waters recently, the supermodel showed that she has a beautiful heart as she rescued a new born kitten that was abandoned by her mother. Iman shared a picture of the rescued baby and later shared an update of safely reuniting the kitten with her mother.

Sarwat Gillani
Sarwat has truly shown people how to spend their lockdown days in a constructive way and channel their artistic passions. The actor and doting mother of two, has taken up several easy DIY projects at home which personally makes us wish she was our arts teacher in school. Her recent project was a miniature mosque for kids made out of carton boxes.

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