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Some Fad Diets Fooling Your Weight loss Vows

by Reham Aslam

Disclaimer: fad diets are downright dangerous and here are some specifics to answer your how, what, why, and when?

Karl Marx may have scape-goated capitalism for all the vice in the world, but the commercialisation of fad diets for corporate profit proves he was anything but wrong.  But news flash, researchers like Professor Traci Mann scrutinising such diet schemes bear no blissful news to their followers; fad diets, as confirmed in her recent book “Secrets from the Eating Lab,” do not work. While she says they’re impossible to pursue on a long-term lets identify 5 such bizarre fad diets fooling your weight loss vows.

The Fruit Only Fat-Burning fickle

This fickle largely resembles the werewolf diet; hereby, individuals must survive on water, fruit, and veggie juice for 24 hours. The fruitarian or fruit only diet, however, is a rather extreme form. Praised as vegan friendly, it red flags any and every animal product. Of course, people presume such diets constituting raw fruits are healthy, which may be true to some extent – there is also a high risk of malnourishment. Fruitarians therefore are not foreign to the concept of nutritional deficiencies, be they iron, calcium, zinc or Vitamin D, and may succumb to supplemental tablets or powders to compensate.

The Juice Cleanse slash Liquids-only diet

Here, the rule of thumb involves no solid food; none, it forbids you! Such diets mostly allow water – be it flavored or plain – fruit juices, tea and coffee – of course, without the dairy. But before one praises such a diet plan, it’s necessary to understand the science governing it. Doctors tend to prescribe liquid diets prior to medical procedures or to those suffering intestinal or digestive dilemmas. However, bearing in mind that such diets cannot nourish one’s body with nutrients, these aren’t prescribed for longer than a few days.

The Five Bite Diet

Say these four syllables and experts will echo how it’s an open invite to eating disorders of all kinds – warning, they’re not kind! What’s bewildering is how this diet stipulates skipping breakfast, only to starve with 5 bites during lunch and 5 during dinner. The science used here is about depriving your body of food itself eventually compels your stomach to shrink – so while those following it may feel hunger pangs towards the start, they gradually become accustomed to a reduced  caloric intake. Somehow this diet also symptomizes the nature of bulimia, whereby forcing yourself sick after consuming food takes a toll on your stomach, tightening it until vomiting may become a ‘natural’ part of your post-meal routine.

To summarise, it’s necessary to spotlight how most professionals dissuade diet cultures, for they are unsustainable – emotionally, mentally, and often financially. Instead, portion control and exercise can curate far longer lasting effects than your fad diets can ever fathom.

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