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5 Super Easy DIY Projects To Try At Home

by Farah Khan

We all get bored at times, and try to find ways to get boredom out of the way, well we have listed down five easy ways to try some new DIY projects for you to add to your house, and who knows maybe even start an Instagram page for it.

A DIY Rope ottoman

We have the easiest way you can make a rope Ottoman at home. All you’ll need is an old tire, rope, German glue, wood or hardboard cut in to circles to fit the tire, a drill machine. Start will drilling hole into the wood circles to fit it on the tire, after that start gluing the rope in circular motion starting at the middle and making sure you glue the rope close together. After you have glued one side, you will need to flip the tire over and start covering it on the other side too. And voila! You will have your own rope ottoman ready in no time. 

DIY Mirror frame

We all have old mirrors laying around, too old to be given to someone so we thought of an easy diy for you to try out. All you’ll need is a mirror any shape or size will do, some twigs, glue and a card board sheet cut in the size of the mirror to attach the mirror on top of it. Gather all the material glue the mirror on top of the cardboard sheet and make sure it won’t fall off, and then slowly start gluing the twigs around the edges of the mirror and cover the cardboard and voila you have your diy mirror frame ready in no time. 

DIY Concrete Towel Planters

Most of the times, we are looking for some cheap garden decorations, and what could be better if you make them yourself. All you need for this project is an old towel, a bag of concrete and loads of water for mixing. Mix the concrete in water and then when the mixture is properly mixed, put your towel into the concrete bucket. Keep mixing your towel around and cover every single centimeter of it in concrete. 

DIY laundry basket

If you really need to revamp your laundry basket because well it is laying there all dull, we have the best idea for you. Grab your laundry basket, some rope, and glue of course! Wrap the rope around the basket, until you reach the end, skip the bottom.

DIY Hanging Shelf

A hanging shelf had been on our to do list for a long time now and making that is exactly what we wanted to do, but low budget and at home. The things you’ll need are a wood plank, rope and a drill machine. Drill the holes for the rope, and then pick the rope you will be using, make sure to select a drill that is slightly larger than the thickness of your rope. Now start by inserting the rope through one of the holes going from the top of the shelf down to the bottom. Then tie off the end of the rope, on the bottom side of the shelf. Repeat the process on the front drills and voila! You are ready. You can now hang the shelf in your room. 

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