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5 Must-Have Hair Accessories For All Year Round

by Pakhi Rajesh Kumar Dixit

Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are all accessories that go beyond the scope of clothing – they are statement pieces that reflect your personality. For example, you can opt for a bold necklace to dress up an otherwise casual outfit, but you can just as easily wear it as part of your daily fashion routine as well.

The popularity changes year-to-year, but among all other kinds of accessories, the hair accessories are the ones that have the most importance. As daily life due to Covid has taken us indoors, cute hair accessories take their rightful place as they are appropriate for nearly any time or day, at home or in public or Zoom. It’s hard to tell when exactly the trend of hair accessories came back again but they’ve been having a bit of a revitalization lately, so here are 5 hair accessories that will grace you up year long:

Pearl Hairbands

Pearls have been a fixture in women’s closets for generations, and we remember them being one of those elegant jewels that sophisticated women would adorn themselves with to feel their most charming selves. Though the authentic gem has made its way out of fashion for the most part, preferring cultured imitation pearls instead, the simulated jewel still holds a place on many women’s vanity tables and looks just as fancy as any other precious stone. In addition to adding a touch of charm to our own refined personalities, pearl hair pieces look especially enchanting when paired with lace dresses or tops and other accessories like elegant gemstone embellished necklaces or bangles.

Bow Hair Clips

The humble bow is a bold way to add a classic touch to any simple outfit, making it perfect not just for everyday wear but also for special events and even work! This accessory is ideal to wear with your Sunday brunch dress outfit or even if you’re going out for dinner. A bow can turn an otherwise average outfit into something that stands out in the crowd. They still possess the old-world charm we never get bored of, and they really make you look pretty. It’s a fashion commitment that you won’t regret making!

Hair Rings

These are hot-new-on-block hairdo accessories that can uplift your look depending on what you’re looking for. They fit beautifully with side-braids for a cool look to smoothly enhance the flow of your braid wraps. This is a chic accessory you should try on days when you don’t feel like doing too much but still want to look your best. You could try them with casual and edgy outfits.

Hair Comb Pins

Back from the 1990’s, these fancy hair combs are a novel take on the classic 90’s hairstyle items that everyone used to wear. They have become a staple of wedding couture, mostly because they show a touch of vintage glamour that contrasts so well with the contemporary trends in bridal attire. Look for hair accessory pins that can be worn casually as well by pairing them with ponytails, braids, and messy buns for some edgy flair to your everyday look.

Barrett Clips

Simple barrettes are a safe option when it comes to choosing your accessories. They can be used for any look and every occasion. There’s nothing more wonderful than having a couple of these gorgeous ones in your collection. These are perfect if you’re going for elegant or dreamy yet simple fashion-forward styles. They’ll give your hair even more texture and jazziness without infringing on how fine or polished you’d like an outfit to be. No matter what the occasion may be – these are a must-have accessory!

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