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5 Korean Beauty Hacks To Swear By

by Pakhi Rajesh Kumar Dixit

Korean beauty is admired, and their hacks are used all over the world by beauty enthusiasts and by those who have recently begun taking their skincare more seriously. Many of the Korean beauty hacks are very easy and genuinely efficient. Probably, therefore the Korean beauty industry is such a large sector and one of the major contributors in skincare products.

Here are 5 Korean skin beauty hacks you can easily imbibe into your skincare routine at the ease of your home:

Facial Steaming

Facial steaming helps with opening clogged pores and helps your skin breathe more. Therefore, Korean women prefer facial steaming or a hot shower before starting with their beauty routines. Next step to it is gently massaging your face in circular motion, starting with your forehead to all the way down your neck, using your fingertips. It is said to improve blood circulation and help with lymphatic system drainage resulting in a firm and fresh face. Such circular massages reduce puffiness and water retention. You can steam your face after taking a bath for literally 5 minutes every day and you will see major difference in how your skin starts clearing up. If you have dry skin or suffer from any skin ailments, you can always use a light gel-based moisturizer for massage purpose.

Double Cleansing

Cleansing is very crucial but doing it just once does not guarantee that all the dirt will be removed. To observe yourself, if your face is clear of all the gunk, after cleaning your face with an organic facewash, naturally, or using an oil-based cleanser, wipe your face with a toner pad and see if you can notice any trace of foundation. If yes, then, make sure you double cleanse with a standard water-based cleanser and then an oil based one, as it will deeply clean your skin. Cleaning your face twice ensures that you have managed to remove all the makeup and dirt off.

Air Drying

After washing your face, let it air dry instead of reaching out for a towel or rubbing. People who are sensitive to moisturizers or have sensitive skin, will benefit the most from air drying. Let water on your face stay put as it will get absorbed into your skin automatically, making your skin more supple and innately moisturized without putting in much effort. You can also apply other face products within 10 minutes of washing your face as your face will still be damp, aiding in efficient absorption.

Facial Sculpting

Facial sculpting or massaging has become very popular across the world, but what is interesting is that Korean women have been using this technique for a very long time. As you age, your skin starts to develop wrinkles, and muscles tend to sag which leads to making you look way older than you already are. It is always good to exercise your facial muscles from early on to avoid sagging. The best way to support your face into youth is this technique and it can be done using various rollers and sculpting tools available.  There are numerous sculpting techniques that can be used but the easiest one of all is ‘Gua Sha’ – scraping your face to clean off the gunk, drain your facial lymphatic system and exercise those muscles. Move upwards and outwards gently to lift your muscles, eventually working on the sides of your neck. Then continue to move upwards from there to your jaw, then sides of the face, ending with going around the eyes.

Overnight Sleeping Masks

Masks, lately, have become a major hit, more of an essential skincare element, almost in every country. South Koreans have been using them for years before others started realising their benefits. Overnight sleeping masks are the easiest way to moisturize and brighten skin all while sleeping. There are variety of these available, the most sought-after ones being – rose, vitamin c, and aloe vera gel. You must use them after you have cleansed your skin. Make sure that you use the specifically mentioned ‘sleeping’ masks because the ordinary ones have a timeline of half an hour. If you end up using a normal mask for quick hydration and leave it overnight, you will probably wake up with extremely dry skin.

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