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Red Carpet Review: Decoding the Hum ‘not-so-Stylish’ Awards

by Saad Sarosh

Another year another red carpet and unfortunately another night of disastrous fashion.

After a very gloomy 2020, the fashion world finally came back to life with the fifth Hum Style Awards held in Lahore this past weekend. While many had high expectations from the event in terms of both the red carpet fashion and winners, the platform was a huge disappointment on both fronts but here I’ll only talk about the former.  

Of course not everyone can be the best dressed as even on platforms like the Oscars and Golden Globes we have seen several fashion faux-pas by the biggest names but in Pakistan it has rather become a sort of competition of who will look the worst and looks like everybody was a winner here.

While nobody wants to look the worst dressed on one of the biggest nights in fashion but for that you need to spend weeks if not months putting together the final look. A dreadful trend that’s sometimes glorified by celebrities when they post their red carpet looks is how the outfit was put together in mere hours —that’s nothing to be proud of. It just shows your lack of interest in looking your best and honey it shows. It always shows.

With a heavy heart am including some celebrities in the article as few of them in fact had the potential to do wonders on the red carpet. But who do we blame?  For once it will not be a bad idea to finally consider separating the ‘style’ awards from the entertainment awards so that the circus put up by TV celebrities in the name of fashion can be dealt away with otherwise there’s no saving fashion in Pakistan.

Mashal Khan:

Nominated as the most stylish TV actor Mashal looked anything but stylish in her red strapless Shiro gown accessorised with red jewels and a pair of golden stilettos. The material itself of the badly stitched gown looked tacky and it just didn’t sit well on Mashal while the hair and makeup also didn’t do her any good — overall there was no saving grace to this outfit at all.

Sonya Hussyn:

It really does break my heart to see Sonya here but what can I do. Sonya turned up at the red carpet wearing a neon green Mahgul suit with a grey corset inside and her hair tied in a sleek ponytail. But what could have been a powerful look became an absolute mess after the actor decided to button up her blazer hiding the very stylish corset that could have elevated her look and secondly her makeup as well seems to have melted away but blame the Lahore heat for that. Besides the outfit doesn’t seem fitted too well, am not really getting the heels and I really wish she had worn some statement rings — sigh, better luck next time.

 Amar Khan:

Amar wore a lumpy poorly tailored Zaheer Abbas creation which is shocking as Zaheer is one of the finest designers we have. The sleeves of the off-shoulder gown failed to make any statement other than they were badly stitched and the lack of accessories makes me wonder if she was running short on time. The eye makeup was too dark for her face and the wet hairdo just didn’t do. Oh Zaheer, I wish you’d be careful with whom you decide to dress maybe just stick to the supermodels.

Fahmeen Ansari:

Had to check twice to make sure it was Fahmeen in the very confusing Hussain Rehar dress. Firstly, the inner blouse doesn’t go with the dress and I wish the designer had either built the dress around it as the main element or at least used two different shades because right now it just looks like Fahmeen was wrapped and pinned up in a leftover white material he had laying around. Secondly, the Adriana Lima-Kim Kardashian ponytail is a statement itself but definitely not going with this dress. Lastly, was the dress not ironed? Dear Fahmeen, how I wish you’d just stick to Khoji for your red carpet styling.

Aima Baig:

There really isn’t much to say about this look because it honestly is that boring. The red gown looks like something you’d expect a design student to make in school in their first semester. The outfit with its lack of fitting, badly stitched balloon sleeves and a sweetheart neckline that has nothing sweet about it was such a forgettable affair.

Alizeh Shah:

Alizeh in her black Ali Xeeshan — yes Ali Xeeshan gown quickly has become a fodder for memes and why not. The awfully created gown made her look like daffy duck and the only thing that stood out was the ear cuff. There really isn’t a lot to say as the meme Gods of twitter have already said it all.

Fahad Hussyn and Ali Xeeshan:

Both the renowned couturiers are famous for their quirky and eccentric personal style but their HSA21 looks just makes you question, why? Fahad who tried to make a fashion statement centred around the pandemic ended up looking as if he had to go snorkelling right after the awards. Ali on the other hand came in as the Polka dots prince with a very Game of Thrones inspired crown.

Giti Ara:

Not too sure if Giti is wearing the saree or the saree is wearing Giti — the most shocking winner of the night. That’s all I have to say.

Usama Khan:

Again a most stylish actor nominee who didn’t show much style — Usama Khan made his red carpet entry in a very blue Sameer Sain suit with a white that was so bright that it looked like it was taken out of a detergent commercial and was paired with whites sneakers. Did someone not tell him how to dress for a red carpet.

Sabeeka Imam:

An unflattering peach gown that didn’t really do wonders for her but what really stood out for all the wrong reasons was Sabeeka’s hairstyle. It looked like her hairstylist forgot to take the iron away in time while straightening her hair. While the model says the secret behind her catastrophic hairdo was an allergic reaction in her eye that had to cover; the look does look a bit too inspired from Gigi Hadid’s Met Gala look from a few years ago.

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