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5 Alternative Uses Of Lip Balms You Can Put To Test

by Pakhi Rajesh Kumar Dixit

Undeniably, we all have a huge collection of lip balms and we obviously add more to it, exponentially. From ones that taste like fruits to organic heavy duty, we (kind of) have them all, ranging across a huge spectrum of varieties! And we mostly use them to heal and moisturize our lips, but they have more uses to them than just that.

Here are 5 alternative ways you can put your lip balms to use, in addition to helping your chapped lips regain life.

Clean Mascara Smudges

Throughout the day and during your daily hustle, you will often find a little bit of your mascara either smudged below your eyelashes or above. And trying to get rid of it by rubbing your skin hard is futile. So simply apply a little lip balm where it has smudged and dab it clear with a tissue or a cotton ball. It will not only erase your mascara neatly but also add back a little bit of moisture.

Help Your Hair

Your hair is dry and frizzy, and by adding a dash of neglect, you have finally got those dreaded split ends. To prevent further damage, apply your lip balm to your palms and fingers and then run your fingers gently through those strands, particularly towards the tips. You can also use it to add extra texture.

Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Now here is a perfume tip. Before you spritz it on your palm or nape, apply some lip balm first. Perfume lasts longer on moisturized and hydrated skin.

For Your Happy Feet

You have got new shoes and after wearing them for hours you realize you have blisters on your feet because of the constant rubbing against your skin. To relieve yourself from the discomfort, rub some lip balm over the blisters and around, and then before going to bed use a comfy soft pair of socks. The next day, you will wake up with happy – healed feet.

Remove Stuck Rings

If you have tried everything – soaps to detergents, but are unable to get that damn ring off your finger, rub your lip balm on the parts above, below, and around the ring. It will then roll off easily.

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